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Introduction me it's difficult to talk about one's self without sounding either like a narcissist or overly self-conscious. But, I'll give it a shot. If you don't mind, I'm going to try and skip over the seemingly obligatory part where I'm supposed to tell you how "Kind, Energetic, and how much of a Great Guy I am".

I am somewhere on the border between introverted and extroverted (moments of both). I can sometimes be quiet and and other times be verbose and comical. I am a pretty serious romantic, regarding the people and beliefs that are most important to me. I mean romantic in all of the senses of the word. In my opinion, romance has generally become a lost art or quality.

Whether it's a relationship between myself and God, my love interest, family or close friends, I strive for deep meaning and mutual understanding. I read a quote once that went something like this:"I speak to be understood, not to convince you that I'm right. I listen to understand, not to formulate my rebuttal." I like that!

Briggs Myers Personality Typology says I'm a cross be an INFP & ENFP. I'm left handed and a very artistically inclined person. Growing up, I spent most of my personal time drawing, writing, painting, sculpting, and concocting mini-comic books and movie scripts. As an adult, I still enjoy doing much of the same thing...there's just less time to devote to it.

I'm naturally a very idealistic person, but also do my best to be realistic about society. I dislike the competitive and sometimes adversarial relationship between men and women in today's society. I believe that God made both sexes to compliment each other, and that's the way I think it should be. I've learned a great deal from both genders in my life, from my mother, father, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, and guy friends.

I tend to be a pretty emotionally charged fellow, and what is romantic or "moving" to me, might be a little out of the ordinary. For instance, it's not uncommon for me to watch films like Braveheart, Gladiator, or The Passion of the Christ and be teary eyed during a few scenes. Now, I don't want to come across as a cry-baby...but many elements in those films are very..."moving" least to me. I find the self-sacrificial actions of the protagonists to be very compelling.

Having studied theology for many years, I've a great respect for honor, which seems to be in short supply these days. Honor is the gift a man or a woman give to themselves,Thanks for reading, perhaps our paths will cross


Basic Information

LocationLaguna Niguel, CA, USA


About Me

Height6' 1" (185 cm)
HairDark Brown
Relationship StatusDivorced with annulment
About ChildrenI have children and would like more
Children home0
SmokingOn occasion
DrinkingOn occasion
Religious ImportanceIt is very important
Religious ActivityMass every Sunday
EducationSome College
Field of WorkSales
EthnicityCaucasian / White
Languages SpokenEnglish


Fun Facts

MusicClassical, Movie Soundtracks, Rock n Roll, World
Favorite bands and musiciansU2
MovieDrama, Romance
Outdoor activityCamping/Hiking/Fishing, Horseback riding, Photography, Sailing, SCUBA Diving, Surfing
Indoor activityArt, Dancing, Martial Arts, Movies/TV, Music, Opera/Theater, Reading, Sports
FoodAmerican, Barbeque, Cajun/Southern, Chinese, European, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mexican
TimelinessI am usually early
As for fashionI'm a somewhat fashionable person


Match Preferences

AgeBetween 25 and 44 years old
DistanceWithin 50 miles of Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
HeightBetween 4' 11" (149 cm) and 6' 0" (182 cm)
Body TypeSlender, Athletic, Average
EducationHigh School, Associate degree, Professional degree, Some College, Bachelor's degree
Relationship StatusAny
Religious ImportanceIt is very important
Religious ActivityMass every Sunday
EthnicityAsian, Caribbean, Caucasian / White, Hispanic / Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islands
SmokingNever, On occasion
DrinkingRarely, On occasion



What I'd like to do on a first date...

The lady I hope to meet is...Girly, Gorgeous, and Godly. Yes, the Trifecta!...with a little devilish wildness sprinkled on top. Is that too much to ask? Seems like it. Well...I guess that just about wraps it up!...Just kidding.

Wow...this is actually kind of difficult to put into words. I'm attracted to Ultra femininity in a woman's demeanor, appearance, voice, attitude, and values. I'm hoping to meet a lady with a traditional faith that compliments my own. This way, neither one of us have to feel saddled or burdened by opposing sets of values. It's going to happen sometimes any way, that's just being different people. But, this might help minimize our differences from start. I like a lady who is mutually romantic and enjoys the subtle nuances and the...Art of Love, for lack of a better phrase. I hope to meet an emotionally, and profoundly "deep" woman. The way I figure it, we've only got one lifetime to "shot" at life on the this planet. As Jack Dawson of the HMS TITANIC would say, "Make it count!" So, I like a deep thinker and feeler. I like smart. It can be very challenging, fun, and sexy! That's SMART, not to be confused with Smart-Aaaalec! Now I don't mean to be crass, but I love a great kisser. There's another all but lost art.

I believe that your mate or spouse should be your best friend after God. We both love God first, and He will give us the Grace necessary to compose a beautiful and bountiful relationship. I think it helps to see the relationship as a garden that we both nurture and maintain...something greater than the sum of it's parts. And with God's assistance, we will be capable of doing great things, independently, and together. Last but not least, I enjoy a peaceful, happy and fun loving woman...She who loves to laugh. And I'll do my "bestest" to provide ample comedy. Thanks so much for reading my maudlin blather. I hope to meet you some day.

My past relationships have taught me...

1. A romantic relationship is a combined effort. If you don’t have a team player mentality, you should not get involved in one.

2. Do not delude yourself, by wishing for, or falling in love with the idea of your beloved’s “potential.” Either the relationship currently works, or it doesn’t. Consider the relationship in the “here and now,” rather than living in the future…or the past. Love your beloved for who they “are,” not for who they once were, or who they may become.

3. Have the courage to end a relationship that is becoming destructive, immoral, abusive, etc. Lest an inevitable breakup be even more emotionally difficult after waiting too long a period.

4. Express your love often with actions, and in words, gestures, writing, work, and every other way you can think of.

5. Be generous with yourself!

To me, being a Catholic means...

I was born into a Roman Catholic family, by good fortune and fate (Divine Providence). I’m a Catholic today by my personal choice and exercise of free will. I’ll be a Catholic tomorrow…and ever after…by the grace of God.

To me, being a Catholic…is everything! It’s as universally difinative and compelling to me, as the word “Catholicism” implies. It’s UNIVERSAL…all encompassing. It’s like saying,“I’m a father…or a mother…or a husband…or a wife.” It’s not just what you’re called…it’s what you do…it’s what you ARE.

If I were to liken my relationship with God…to a romantic marriage, in saying I’m Catholic, I’m saying…I’m in love…I’m infatuated…and I am married…to God. Not just on Sunday, but every day.

Fortunately, being just one small part of the bride and body of Christ, I am allowed to choose a lady…and or bride to spend my mortal life with.

God is good indeed.

One of most profound spiritual experiences of my life, was at a healing mass, back in ’94.