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Looking for a kind person, with a good sense of humor, spiritual, down to earth and open minded. And did I mention "kind" and a "good sense of humor," well, I know I did, so I am mentioning it again! LOL! Someone who doesn't want to control or be controlled.
At our ages we all have "baggage" or else we were living under a rock, but I like to think my baggage is somewhat nicely packed and out of the way, in storage, far away, locked up, the key destroyed, ashes buried. LOL. Questionnaires with "pick your favorite..." tend to pigeon hole our existence, I'm really very eclectic.

I have an affinity for art, music, life, etc... I'm both a little conservative and liberal, most of all independent and love most all music. I love literature, new and old, and poetry. (Love the works of "Ellis Bell!")
I have full custody and love my kids, 12 and 14, that doesn't attract a lot of people my age who are understandably waiting to be free again, alas. (Feel free to delete me at this point and run away screaming...Aghhhh! NOT KIDS!!!) lol...

I've traveled a great deal, was born in NY, lived in Europe, around the US, love New England. Enjoy handy work around house and yard, love art , music, classic to bluegrass, literature, movies, some TV and many books. Stephen King, Dr. Phil and Dr. Seuss, to name only a few. (Who's the weirdest of THOSE three?)

Given the time, I like to mountain bike, hike, ski and etc. I like classical music, rock, theater, heavy conversation, small talk sometimes, and museums. I'm just too eclectic for my own good. LOL. Number one priority right now are my kids. If they weren't my priority, I wouldn't be such a great father, would I? But there is always unlimited room for love in people lives, no limits there. My kiddos live with me f/t and I pride myself on being a healthy, progressive, nurturing parent with them. I think I am a cool Dad. These are important years for them.

We owe no one, and live humble and independent, get by but want much more, a great quality of life for my children. Hmm , doesn't leave much time for dating, but where there's a will there's a way! LOL. I am literate, polite and have good hygiene and no diseases of which I am aware, lol.


Basic Information

LocationNH Seacoast area, NH, USA


About Me

Height5' 10" (177 cm)
BuildI should maybe lose a few
HairDark Brown
Relationship StatusDivorced with annulment
Children home2
DrinkingOn occasion
Religious ImportanceIt is somewhat important
Religious ActivityMass when I'm available
EducationAssociate degree
Field of WorkF/T Parent, Student
EthnicityCaucasian / White
Languages SpokenEnglish, German, Italian, Spanish


Fun Facts

PoliticsOpen Minded
TimelinessI am usually on time
As for fashionI dress to be comfortable


Match Preferences



What I'd like to do on a first date...

Ya' know what? I am not out to find a "mother" or a "housekeeper", I just would love the company of a like minded soul and see what may or may not develop from there. At this point in my life , I Haven't been dating much and have realized that there is a distinct possibility that the next date I go on will be in twenty years on a shuffleboard court back in Florida. lol.
I feel a cafe can be as much fun as a spot under a tree, a trail or a walk on the beach. I don't really believe in instant intimacy, so this is all a process, but it can be a pleasant process. I really love life, people, art, and all that goes with it. The more I describe who and what I want, the more I realize one just can't know that. It happens, that's all. I guess. I could be wrong.

My past relationships have taught me...

I am looking for a friend, a companion, a good soul, someone to share some happy times. All that being said, I think it all comes down to how two people feel about being around each other, no rules, just the chemistry thing.There are no pre req's. I'm willing to celebrate who someone "is", not criticize/judge for who they are not, and hopefully get the same respect in return. This all sounds very heavy. Just want to have some interesting times with a more or less like minded person. Must be spiritual, eclectic, a bit crazy, conservative as well as liberal, musical, cerebral, imaginative and full of imperfections. Take nothing for granted, respect and be respected. I am not an angry person and have no desire for angry people or people with bad tempers. Otherwise, all people are unique and special in their own way. I have no physical standards for beauty, but kindness, intelligence, and a good soul are very attractive to me. I'd like to meet someone, who, I don't know yet. lol. As a single parent at 50, with two small kids, I know I must be open to different relationship type situations. I would like a like minded companion, a good soul. A partner with whom to experience life and joy. How's that?

To me, being a Catholic means...

I have learned that I am and always will be Catholic, it's always been there for me and it is how I am able to express my spiritual self. It's hard to explain in a few words! I've had some very rough and spiritually trying times that have taught me so very much, brought me so much further spiritually than I have ever been in my entire life, I can say that I have happily risen to new spiritual heights.

In five years, I see myself

Letting my kids continue to be happy and healthy, restore their foundation in life, have a home, graduating, a means of work I can throw my heart into, and be able to share the dance of life, with all it's ups and downs with someone of like mind. I am continuing school f/t, with the help of God and and my faith I hope to move closer towards my destiny. A partner to share Love with, that would be a blessing.

My favorite Bible passage is...

There is no "one" favorite, but,

2 Corinthians 5:7 "For we walk by faith, and not by sight."

It seems that if I feel spiritually challenged in some way, a passage surfaces as just the right one, at the right time...

One final thing I'd like to mention...

A sense of humor is so important, the sound of laughter, joy and an appreciation for life, earth and it's natural beauties and wonders.


******** PLEASE READ, OKAY?? :-) ********
Do you think we actually have things in common? Seem to like similar things? Is your PICTURE recent and somewhat in focus??? You do have a picture posted, right? Lol..*********
I have kids, and I do occasionally enjoy the outdoors! I am not ready nor ever will be ready for walking the beach with Bermuda shorts and a metal

I am not a sports nut or jock, not a hyper person, but I do like to get out into nature when possible, and sometimes just hang out and and read or ruminate, lol.
Can you see yourself HIKING mountain trails?
BIKING through rough wooded paths?
Downhill SKIING? And looking forward to skiing for half price because you're seventy years old? I do. LOL.
Can you picture yourself at home, in great physical pain, taking three advils and sitting in a very hot aromatherapy bath lamenting the fact that you don't bounce back like you used to? LOL! I can, but if you can't, we are probably not a good match. This is the life I want, I really don't look towards becoming sedentary.

Sometimes I do things with my kids that my body and physical age would prefer to pass on sometimes, (but my spirit is forever young and ALWAYS rejoices and God seems to takes care of me when I do! ) That's part of my chosen path...

I do not want anyone to change for me, or I for anyone else. I just pray to find someone compatible with like interests...

I feel we all have to be patient, and trust that someone who feels as we do about things will come when the time is right. PLEASE, FAIRLY LOCAL CONTACTS ONLY, there are so many great people around the country, but I guess some things aren't meant to be!Ask me anything else.
Peace and Love!

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Florida 2006

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