We'll soon celebrate 8 years of marriage.

Bill & I were married about 18 months after we started communicating on Catholic Mingle way back in 2002. Bill
was preparing to teach CCD on his computer, when this "darn" Catholic Mingle popup kept coming up....He thought "oh, what the heck....I'll join". I saw his picture and loved his eyes and smile. I wrote to him telling him "hi". He then had to sign up ALL the way and pay.

My daughter sat me in front of the computer and told me to pull out my credit card. I objected because, although free to marry in the Church, I didn't want to marry. She said, "You don't need to marry anyone, it's just time you start talking to adults again". I had been raising 6 children on my own for well over 15 years.

After starting communication with Bill, our interest in each other soon grew stronger and we talked on the phone. Then my daughter and I flew out to Georgia to meet Bill & his 2 boys. Well, I just kept falling more in love. He was better in person than on the phone or the webcam. We kept talking and then he flew out to California to meet my family! We got engaged that visit and he then moved to California 2 months later. He sold his business and his home. He moved into an apartment about a mile from my home and we started to see how the families got along and how they could meld into one family. He found work in his field and has just blossomed into a real community leader and a really wonderful husband!

We were married in the Church with 2 of my sons walking me down the aisle. My daughter was my maid of honor. His son was his best man. All eight children were in the wedding.

Well here we are 9 years after meeting online, seven and a half years of marriage and still very much in love. We were meant to be together. We work together, play together, pray together, and look forward to growing old together. Can you imagine how many grandchildren we're going to have!?!?

Once again, thank you for keeping this website going. If I can encourage others to join, I would. I would use the same advice that my daughter gave me. You don't have to get married....just look and communicate. If a friendship develops and flourishes and reaches the point where you are willing to take those special marriage vows, then you can be as blessed as we've been.

God Bless

Monica & Bill

APrettyLady & Bill

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