We know God is going to guide us...

We want to thank Catholic Mingle for we have met in this site. My name is AlexJesus and I met KoolKapp here. He is an incredible man. We both say we would have liked to meet each other like 15 years ago, so we had suffered less in life, but it was our Father God's decision to let us learn our lessons through the suffering. I never believed in what's called "soul mate", but Joe is really my soul mate...now I know what that means: having the same faith and illusions for life, being giving for each other, and putting all of our decisions into God's hands. I live in Dominican Republic and he lives in Florida. I went to Florida to get to know him after talking on phone for 4 months and now he's coming to meet my family. In September I'm meeting his parents. I have a good job here and he has a good job there, and we both have houses in our own countries, but we know God is going to guide us to find a way for being together soon, as a marriage should be. Thanks to all the people on Catholic Mingle that made this finding possible, especially to God who works on this site all day, I'm sure!

alexJesus & KoolKapp

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