Success Stories: 2010

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We know God is going to guide us...

We want to thank Catholic Mingle for we have met in this site. My name is AlexJesus and I met KoolKapp here. He is an incredible man. We both say we would have liked to meet each other like 15 years ago, so we had suffered less in life, but it was our Father God's decision to let us learn our lessons through the suffering. I never believed in what's called "soul mate", but Joe is really my soul I know what that means: having the same faith and illusions for life, being giving for each other, and putting all of our decisions into God's hands. I live in Dominican Republic and he lives in Florida. I went to Florida to get to know him after talking on phone for 4 months and now he's coming to meet my family. In September I'm meeting his parents. I have a good job here and he has a good job there, and we both have houses in our own countries, but we know God is going to guide us to find a way for being together soon, as a marriage should be. Thanks to all the people on Catholic Mingle that made this finding possible, especially to God who works on this site all day, I'm sure!

alexJesus & KoolKapp

What appeared the impossible become a reality.

Elvina (my now wife) and I met on Catholic Mingle back in June of 2004. Elvina was a member and I was a guest searching for what I believed to be the impossible. Believe it or not, a simple "hello" available through free membership at that time was the only "spark" we needed. Neither one of us had a photo posted. We simply began our friendship based on our descriptions of one another. Although a somewhat long courtship, I must admit that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. We met on your site in June of 2004, spoke for the first time by phone in August of 2005, met each other in person in April of 2006, were engaged in September of 2006, and finally got married in June of 2009. It had been five long, but wonderful years getting to know each other. Why five years? We lived at opposite ends of the country ... my wife in California and I in Ohio. We finally purchased a home this past December and we will be joined forever very shortly. Thank you once again! Catholic Mingle made what appeared the impossible become reality.


George & Elvina


We seem perfectly and independently matched.

Happy_Man56 and I met after a few messages and a few phone calls on December 6, 2009. We have a pretty modern relationship; I am a busy accountant and single parent who enjoys volunteer and hobbies with not much time for romance and he is a work-a-holic who travel extensively for his business. So we met when we could totally enjoy our time together when our schedules worked, especially since we are both dedicated practicing Catholics. We seem perfectly and independently matched. I know it does not sound romantic, but at this time it seems to work for both of us. Respect for each others space is a huge plus with us. Love? possibly! You know the whole scripture: Love is kind, Love is patient, Love never fails etc.... Teri and Pat

TCS62 & Happy_Man56

We got to know each other better and were married.

In July of 2005, I ("RRMArlington") met “Donna1961” here on Catholic Mingle. After several months of IMing, phone calls, and plane trips, Donna moved to Washington DC in April of 06. During these past three years we got to know each other better. On 29 December 2009, Donna and I were married.

RRMArlington & Donna1961

It was the best move I ever made.

I met Trish 6 years ago this month on Catholic Mingle. I always tease her about and how she smiled at me first. That began an amazing relationship that included me moving from beautiful sunny California to cold, cold (did I say COLD) Michigan. It was the best move I ever made. On May 28, 2006 Trish and I married with my 3 children and Trish's whole family in attendance. Today we run a program for people struggling with alcohol and addiction problems. Our faith and commitment to service was the initial attraction, now we get to do what we love together as partners. I love to tell people it took a nation wide search to find her, but it was worth it. Thank you Catholic Mingle for making that nation wide search easy.


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