The prayers and shared values brought us closer together.

Happy65 and L1nus9907 (Theresa and Jim), met on in May of 2009. We give our stories below.

Jim: I recently lost my wife of 41 years. As part of my grieving I signed up for a 4-day retreat at St. Vincent Arch abbey in Latrobe, Pa. I also
planned to make a mini pilgrimage to Latrobe from New Jersey on my bicycle. At the same time I was participating in a workshop for grieving spouses in my home in South Carolina. One day the counselor mentioned another man who, recently widowed, had met, fallen in love with, and subsequently married a woman he met on the internet. A few days after hearing this, I received an email with a link to Catholic I decided to try it out. After submitting my profile, I saw an attractive woman, Happy65, who liked bicycling, was a serious
Catholic, and also lived in Pennsylvania. I emailed her seeking advice on my bike trip only to discover that she had a family connection to
St. Vincent's, her uncle had been a president. She also gave me some advice about how to make my trip via a safer route. We began to exchange emails and soon learned that we had a lot in common, including being from large families, having strong Catholic beliefs, and having shared the pain of losing a spouse. Soon we were talking on the phone and she was helping me get through some of the really low periods. We started praying together including a nightly rosary over
the phone. The prayers and shared values brought us closer together.

It was several months before we met in person, but by that time I felt we knew each other all our lives. After meeting her in person and seeing
her family and her parish I realized that not only did I love her, but that I also wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She accepted
my marriage proposal, offered three months after we met, and we plan to be married in April, just under a year after our first contact.

After being widowed for over five years, I decided to look on the internet for another wonderful guy. I had dated and corresponded with other men, but not someone that I wanted to marry until Jim. I was looking for two qualities that I found in Jim, the first was a devoted Catholic with whom I could share my faith, the second was a man who enjoyed physical activities. Jim's first email, describing his planned retreat in
Latrobe and his idea of a bike trip of several hundred miles, told me that he might have both qualities.

As time went on I experienced Jim's devotion to the Catholic Faith through his descriptions of his
life and also through our shared prayers. Our emails and phone calls only confirmed to me that Jim is a man who I could find attractive. I
learned so much about his life and beliefs that I felt I really knew him. I came to look forward to saying prayers together in the evening. I invited Jim to attend my family reunion in July when all eight of my brothers and sisters and our families get together. He came from South Carolina with his dog, Casey. We had a great time and felt so
comfortable together that before I knew it he was gone and I missed him. He seemed to miss me, because he pedaled the 287 miles from Washington, DC to Pennsylvania in just four days so that we could spend more time together before his retreat. By the time his retreat was over and he
was on his way back to South Carolina, I knew that we were meant for each other.

I was not surprised that he proposed, but he did ask me a little sooner than I expected. We are so happy and thankful to Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.

Linus9907 & Happy65

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