I couldn’t be more blessed.

I was registered at Catholic Mingles for 2 or 3 weeks when I received his first “smile”. I registered at Catholic Mingles after hearing, on another Catholic website, about someone who found her husband through CM. Immediately I thought “mine is there too”. He sent me 2 or 3 smiles until I replied to him. That was in December of 2007. He loves pictures and sent me loads of them, which helped build my trust in him because he wanted to share his family, his friends and himself with me.

Austinguy met Vickybrasil at a very difficult time: my father had just died of cancer and I was grieving. He was looking for a woman somewhere close to NM, I live in London, UK, so our contacts started as pure friendship, nothing else. When I saw his profile and lots of action pics, I didn’t like it as I am an indoor type of person. However, he was so sweet and we had so much in common to talk about, we were constantly chatting. He was a ray of sunshine into my life. Time was passing and we could feel a strong connection developing between us. Although he is American and I am Brazilian, we have the same education background, we share the same family values, same outlook in life, morals and above all, the same faith. When I had time off work in April of 2008, I decided to travel to NM to meet him in person. Things were getting serious, but I refused to say we were committed to each other without seeing him in person first. But at the airport, I knew we were meant to be together. He was so shy and respectful, it was like a dream to me. We went on bike rides, he showed me Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Jemez Park. He introduced me to his parents, all of his family and friends, and they all couldn’t be more adorable. When it was time to leave, we both cried at the airport and he said “I love you”.

Later, he came to London for 2 months to get to know everything, and how I lived here, and then he asked my hand to my mother via MSN on a webcam!!!!

I have four close friends who married men they met over the internet, so I was willing to try. The only thing I asked in my prayers was for God to send me a man of faith, with strong family values. I couldn’t be more blessed. We had a civil wedding in the US in November of 2008 because the Church in Brazil requires a civil wedding prior to the religious one. At that time we were saying we were half-married. Then, on January 10th, 2009 we finally got married at Church in my hometown, Niteroi, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a beautiful ceremony – even the photographer was crying – followed by a reception prepared by my mother for our families. It was a magical night, so wonderful to be able to share that happiness with relatives and friends.

Today we live in London, UK, and we are a family, committed with God, expecting the day when we will have our first child. We know things will not be easy since we are not young, fresh out of college newlyweds. We both agree our maturity is a great asset to our marriage though. We are willing to try everything because we know God introduced us to each other and we are destined to be together forever.

May the Holy Family bless us all.

Vitoria and Gerald

VickyBrasil & Austinguy

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