An Overwhelmingly Blessed Couple

An Overwhelmingly Blessed Couple,
Overjoyed at the Beauty of God's Perfect Plan!

Marikarm (Charmaine) joined Mingle in Feb 2006. She hails from Malta-EU, a tiny island in the center of the Mediterranean sea, some 60KM south to Sicily. Bluecaller (Manny) from NJ, USA, subscribed to this site almost a year later. Meanwhile Marikarm has had more setbacks in past relationships than she has hairs on her head and had returned to the site thanks to the support and encouragement from her good mingle female friends! At the same time, Bluecaller was only hoping this will not be just another singles site to where nothing meaningful ever leads!

In fact we were both members of other personals sites. Religious and secular alike. However it was according to God's Holy Will that we meet JUST HERE!

Manny was earnest to browse profiles on this new site, and his eyes fell on my profile! When I found out he looked at me, I couldn't help glance back at him, because his photo attracted me like a magnet. One of the initial attributes that got me enchanted was his sparkling blue eyes, the windows to his beautiful pure soul! Knowing he was a newcomer to the site, I sent him a casual, but very heartfelt smile saying "In case you're not a subscriber yet, I hope you become one soon!"

Shortly following my friendly gesture, Manny bought a membership for mingle, and he to date, bless the day he did give this site a chance!

After seven months of putting our hands onto practically any medium that could keep us regularly connected, Manny came to visit me in my home-country. The spark, the magic, the sweetness, the romance and the match were incredibly evident! Finally God has answered our innermost prayers!

No person can claim to be Christian unless they have had a personal experience of Jesus Christ. And suddenly our eyes opened! We both encountered Jesus Christ anew, in the person of one another! From then on HE spoke to us through everything we experienced with our senses, signaling clearly that HE meant that we be together for life!

We had our destination Church wedding in Malta on the 13th December 2008. No matter what the future holds in store for us, for as long as I live I'll have that unforgettable memory to remember! A most beautiful day that passed like a dream...! Ah if only I can relive it !

Our Success story is not a matter of luck. When God is behind things nothing occurs by just co-incidence! We both truly believe that the Heavenly Father, waited patiently on us both to be ready for HIS call, when HE deemed that the time was right, HE used whatever means possible to bring two of His children from the end corners of the planet together. We believe HE wanted to reward us for placing all our trust, and yield ourselves to HIM completely and unconditionally! Even when it seemed to us that we were groping in a long dark passage, we stopped and listened, and did our best to follow HIS plan, in turn HE skillfully designed a Perfect plan, weaved a finest impeccable lace into which our hearts found joy, peace and fulfillment beyond anyone's most fertile imagination!

My husband is the light of my life! My heart and soul are so serene now that he decorates my life! The Blessings he has brought back into my life are countless! He is my heart's only desire, my joy, my angel, my precious treasure, my priceless gift, my all!

Our marriage is a glorious manifestation of God's continual outpouring of love towards us and towards all human beings! Trust HIM, you won't be disappointed!

Last, but not least, thanks a million to Catholic Mingle Administration. Catholic Mingle was our ONLY avenue of encounter, this is the ONLY testimonial you will read from our ends, and we would like to express our gratitude towards you for being instrumental in the Creator's Plan; providing us the path through which our lives crossed, leading our hearts to find their happy home in one another!

Charmaine and Manny
aka Marikarm & Bluecaller on Catholic Mingle

Marikarm & Bluecaller

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