Success Stories: 2009

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It was pure love.

FL_Catholic85 and I (fcla16) met on your website, and we both swear it's the best thing that has ever happened to either of us! When I first saw him in my list of potential matches, I just ignored it; I felt that since I had no intention of staying in Florida, it would be a bad idea to start seeing someone in Florida.

A few days later, however, I looked at my matches again, and his profile just came out to me. It was like it was highlighted on the screen, and something nudged me to talk to him. So I sent him a message.

Turns out, he wasn't even a full member at the time. But he had a type of feeling that I was someone he'd like to talk to, so he bought a month's membership to respond to my message.

We hit it off right on the bat! We talked for a few weeks, then met up for our first date the day after my 21st birthday. Since I worked at Epcot at the time, we felt this would be a fun and different thing to do, so that's where we went.

I'm not going to lie, at first it was a little awkward because naturally we both are pretty quiet people. But as the day went on, we got more and more comfortable, and a few hours in we were having a blast.

Our first date (which had time in Epcot and Boardwalk) was amazing...we knew it was meant to be by the end of the night. It was pure love.

As time progressed, we realized that we had even more ethics and morals in common! We both have very traditional family values, want a big family, and have similar child rearing ideals. We are positive that we were brought together in His grace, and that this is simply a match made in heaven.

We are now hoping to be married in December of 2010. We know that it won't always be easy and perfect; there will be times where we will be tested and everything. However, we know that if we put God in our relationship first, he'll guide us and help us through everything.

Thank you for bringing us together! We are amazingly blessed that this site has been made so that we could find each other, and our prayers go out to others that they will be able to one day experience this amazing feeling of love.

fcla16 & FL_Catholic85

The prayers and shared values brought us closer together.

Happy65 and L1nus9907 (Theresa and Jim), met on in May of 2009. We give our stories below.

Jim: I recently lost my wife of 41 years. As part of my grieving I signed up for a 4-day retreat at St. Vincent Arch abbey in Latrobe, Pa. I also
planned to make a mini pilgrimage to Latrobe from New Jersey on my bicycle. At the same time I was participating in a workshop for grieving spouses in my home in South Carolina. One day the counselor mentioned another man who, recently widowed, had met, fallen in love with, and subsequently married a woman he met on the internet. A few days after hearing this, I received an email with a link to Catholic I decided to try it out. After submitting my profile, I saw an attractive woman, Happy65, who liked bicycling, was a serious
Catholic, and also lived in Pennsylvania. I emailed her seeking advice on my bike trip only to discover that she had a family connection to
St. Vincent's, her uncle had been a president. She also gave me some advice about how to make my trip via a safer route. We began to exchange emails and soon learned that we had a lot in common, including being from large families, having strong Catholic beliefs, and having shared the pain of losing a spouse. Soon we were talking on the phone and she was helping me get through some of the really low periods. We started praying together including a nightly rosary over
the phone. The prayers and shared values brought us closer together.

It was several months before we met in person, but by that time I felt we knew each other all our lives. After meeting her in person and seeing
her family and her parish I realized that not only did I love her, but that I also wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She accepted
my marriage proposal, offered three months after we met, and we plan to be married in April, just under a year after our first contact.

After being widowed for over five years, I decided to look on the internet for another wonderful guy. I had dated and corresponded with other men, but not someone that I wanted to marry until Jim. I was looking for two qualities that I found in Jim, the first was a devoted Catholic with whom I could share my faith, the second was a man who enjoyed physical activities. Jim's first email, describing his planned retreat in
Latrobe and his idea of a bike trip of several hundred miles, told me that he might have both qualities.

As time went on I experienced Jim's devotion to the Catholic Faith through his descriptions of his
life and also through our shared prayers. Our emails and phone calls only confirmed to me that Jim is a man who I could find attractive. I
learned so much about his life and beliefs that I felt I really knew him. I came to look forward to saying prayers together in the evening. I invited Jim to attend my family reunion in July when all eight of my brothers and sisters and our families get together. He came from South Carolina with his dog, Casey. We had a great time and felt so
comfortable together that before I knew it he was gone and I missed him. He seemed to miss me, because he pedaled the 287 miles from Washington, DC to Pennsylvania in just four days so that we could spend more time together before his retreat. By the time his retreat was over and he
was on his way back to South Carolina, I knew that we were meant for each other.

I was not surprised that he proposed, but he did ask me a little sooner than I expected. We are so happy and thankful to Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.

Linus9907 & Happy65

An Overwhelmingly Blessed Couple

An Overwhelmingly Blessed Couple,
Overjoyed at the Beauty of God's Perfect Plan!

Marikarm (Charmaine) joined Mingle in Feb 2006. She hails from Malta-EU, a tiny island in the center of the Mediterranean sea, some 60KM south to Sicily. Bluecaller (Manny) from NJ, USA, subscribed to this site almost a year later. Meanwhile Marikarm has had more setbacks in past relationships than she has hairs on her head and had returned to the site thanks to the support and encouragement from her good mingle female friends! At the same time, Bluecaller was only hoping this will not be just another singles site to where nothing meaningful ever leads!

In fact we were both members of other personals sites. Religious and secular alike. However it was according to God's Holy Will that we meet JUST HERE!

Manny was earnest to browse profiles on this new site, and his eyes fell on my profile! When I found out he looked at me, I couldn't help glance back at him, because his photo attracted me like a magnet. One of the initial attributes that got me enchanted was his sparkling blue eyes, the windows to his beautiful pure soul! Knowing he was a newcomer to the site, I sent him a casual, but very heartfelt smile saying "In case you're not a subscriber yet, I hope you become one soon!"

Shortly following my friendly gesture, Manny bought a membership for mingle, and he to date, bless the day he did give this site a chance!

After seven months of putting our hands onto practically any medium that could keep us regularly connected, Manny came to visit me in my home-country. The spark, the magic, the sweetness, the romance and the match were incredibly evident! Finally God has answered our innermost prayers!

No person can claim to be Christian unless they have had a personal experience of Jesus Christ. And suddenly our eyes opened! We both encountered Jesus Christ anew, in the person of one another! From then on HE spoke to us through everything we experienced with our senses, signaling clearly that HE meant that we be together for life!

We had our destination Church wedding in Malta on the 13th December 2008. No matter what the future holds in store for us, for as long as I live I'll have that unforgettable memory to remember! A most beautiful day that passed like a dream...! Ah if only I can relive it !

Our Success story is not a matter of luck. When God is behind things nothing occurs by just co-incidence! We both truly believe that the Heavenly Father, waited patiently on us both to be ready for HIS call, when HE deemed that the time was right, HE used whatever means possible to bring two of His children from the end corners of the planet together. We believe HE wanted to reward us for placing all our trust, and yield ourselves to HIM completely and unconditionally! Even when it seemed to us that we were groping in a long dark passage, we stopped and listened, and did our best to follow HIS plan, in turn HE skillfully designed a Perfect plan, weaved a finest impeccable lace into which our hearts found joy, peace and fulfillment beyond anyone's most fertile imagination!

My husband is the light of my life! My heart and soul are so serene now that he decorates my life! The Blessings he has brought back into my life are countless! He is my heart's only desire, my joy, my angel, my precious treasure, my priceless gift, my all!

Our marriage is a glorious manifestation of God's continual outpouring of love towards us and towards all human beings! Trust HIM, you won't be disappointed!

Last, but not least, thanks a million to Catholic Mingle Administration. Catholic Mingle was our ONLY avenue of encounter, this is the ONLY testimonial you will read from our ends, and we would like to express our gratitude towards you for being instrumental in the Creator's Plan; providing us the path through which our lives crossed, leading our hearts to find their happy home in one another!

Charmaine and Manny
aka Marikarm & Bluecaller on Catholic Mingle

Marikarm & Bluecaller

I couldn’t be more blessed.

I was registered at Catholic Mingles for 2 or 3 weeks when I received his first “smile”. I registered at Catholic Mingles after hearing, on another Catholic website, about someone who found her husband through CM. Immediately I thought “mine is there too”. He sent me 2 or 3 smiles until I replied to him. That was in December of 2007. He loves pictures and sent me loads of them, which helped build my trust in him because he wanted to share his family, his friends and himself with me.

Austinguy met Vickybrasil at a very difficult time: my father had just died of cancer and I was grieving. He was looking for a woman somewhere close to NM, I live in London, UK, so our contacts started as pure friendship, nothing else. When I saw his profile and lots of action pics, I didn’t like it as I am an indoor type of person. However, he was so sweet and we had so much in common to talk about, we were constantly chatting. He was a ray of sunshine into my life. Time was passing and we could feel a strong connection developing between us. Although he is American and I am Brazilian, we have the same education background, we share the same family values, same outlook in life, morals and above all, the same faith. When I had time off work in April of 2008, I decided to travel to NM to meet him in person. Things were getting serious, but I refused to say we were committed to each other without seeing him in person first. But at the airport, I knew we were meant to be together. He was so shy and respectful, it was like a dream to me. We went on bike rides, he showed me Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Jemez Park. He introduced me to his parents, all of his family and friends, and they all couldn’t be more adorable. When it was time to leave, we both cried at the airport and he said “I love you”.

Later, he came to London for 2 months to get to know everything, and how I lived here, and then he asked my hand to my mother via MSN on a webcam!!!!

I have four close friends who married men they met over the internet, so I was willing to try. The only thing I asked in my prayers was for God to send me a man of faith, with strong family values. I couldn’t be more blessed. We had a civil wedding in the US in November of 2008 because the Church in Brazil requires a civil wedding prior to the religious one. At that time we were saying we were half-married. Then, on January 10th, 2009 we finally got married at Church in my hometown, Niteroi, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a beautiful ceremony – even the photographer was crying – followed by a reception prepared by my mother for our families. It was a magical night, so wonderful to be able to share that happiness with relatives and friends.

Today we live in London, UK, and we are a family, committed with God, expecting the day when we will have our first child. We know things will not be easy since we are not young, fresh out of college newlyweds. We both agree our maturity is a great asset to our marriage though. We are willing to try everything because we know God introduced us to each other and we are destined to be together forever.

May the Holy Family bless us all.

Vitoria and Gerald

VickyBrasil & Austinguy

I am the happiest woman on the planet.

We met back in December of 2006. He lived in North Carolina and I live Arizona. We wanted to be just friends. He was getting ready to be deployed overseas for the military and I promised I would email him. And I did. We emailed each other almost everyday while he was deployed and we became best friends. We got our chance to meet 9 months later (Sept 2007) and when I met him at the airport that day, it was love at first sight. We have been head over heels in love ever since. We are now engaged and are planning a November wedding.

We often talk about meeting on Catholic Mingle and how lucky we are that we found each other. I am the happiest woman on the planet. I have found my perfect match.

Thank you

Deb and Dave

Macgyver & NICEONE101

We are developing the most beautiful kind of love...

Both of us were brought to the site by chance - no fate - no God, within days of each other. I sent him a card on August 2nd. We first spoke on the phone (for nearly 5 hours) on August 10th and met in person on August 22nd. Six months later we are developing the most beautiful kind of love with our religion at its core. For the moment we are making a four hour commute work, but are looking forward to living in the same city very soon! Thank you Catholic Mingle!


I followed my heart and I found him.

I met Paul (highplainsnomad) on Catholic Mingle 3 years ago. He is a lovely man. We live far apart, but continue to write and get together when we can. Living so far apart is difficult, but I believe love can move mountains. So with faith, hope, and prayer, he and I continue our journey across the miles with many warm feelings and smiles in between. Perhaps one day, if it is meant to be, we will be together. I leave that in God's hands and prayer. I followed my heart and I found Paul. Life's differences and distance make it hard, but through him, all things are possible.... So I keep the faith, enjoy the relationship, and cherish our time together.
Peace be with you and may love find its way to you too...

Tammy (Blessnfaith)

blessnfaith & highplainsnomad

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