What a wonderful new beginning.

It was over a year ago and I felt that my life going nowhere. I was alone and the marriage I vowed to the end of this life was gone. It seemed everything I tried to do turned out wrong and ended in despair. As a Christian, I could not give up on life. I was desperately in need of help. It was then that I turned to my lord and asked for guidance and direction. A short time later, I awoke in the middle of the night when I sensed a voice in the form of thought waves in my brain.

Shortly thereafter, I found and decided to join Catholic Mingle. Not that I had much faith in internet dating, but I figured "why not". I read this one particular lady's profile. She stated it was her birthday that day and she stated her age. I was compelled for some reason to respond to her. Much to my surprise, she responded and thanked me for the birthday wishes. We corresponded for 3 months and decided to meet. We had talked about so many things.

I made the 2000 mile trip to meet her. We had decided to meet at a railroad station in Chicago. It was chilly that day when I walked into the station to meet this lady that I had grown to know so well. I recognized her by the pictures I had of her as she did me. It was as though I had known her for years and I was coming home from a business trip. We hugged, but walked out of the station before we kissed. Before that afternoon had ended, we were engaged and had a license to be married. The very next day, we drove to the court house in downtown Chicago and had to walk 2 blocks in the rain and were married within 20 minutes.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas together and then I returned to the West Coast to sell my home and make plans for us to be together.
We have had some mountains to climb.

Four months ago, we said goodbye thinking that in a couple of months we would be together. We did not plan on this economic disaster. I have finally sold my property and it looks like we will be in our new home shortly. We have placed our faith in the lord. We have had some unbelievable incidences in our time together which had to be inspired by god. For example, the 2 blocks we had to walk/run in the rain to get married? I didn't think of it at the time, but later I asked my wife if she had gotten wet from the rain and like me, she could not recall being wet when we got back to the car.
We are happily married and certainly want to thank you and the lord for a wonderful new beginning.



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