Our love has been growing.

Carol and I meet here on Catholic Mingle!
She saw my profile and I saw that she had looked at me so I started by sending her a smile! We smiled back and forth a few times and then started to email each other. Every email and soon telephone calls were more and more exciting!
We soon set up our FIRST DATE! We went to a lovely place called "The Melting Pot", a fondue place where most people sit and cook their food and eat in about 90 minutes. WE SAT THERE for three and a half hours! I had asked for a "quiet" corner and had 3 roses on the table. Before we were two hours into the date, I just had to kiss her. Since that night, our love has been growing. On 6/8/08, she agreed to marry me on 8/8/08! Thanks for your help in finding the love of my life!!!


poncho188 & mattandsamsmom

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