Love happened when I least expected it!

Eagle1972(Ed) and I met on February 15th of this year. I was ready to delete my profile that night. I had given up on meeting anyone here. He sent me a smile and a spark.

We have been emailing, instant messaging, and burning up the phone lines ever since. He is currently living in Westminster, California. I live in Bentonville, Arkansas. We have over 1200 miles between us, but we met in person last month. We are both originally from Illinois.

Needless to say, Ed is currently looking for full time employment here in Northwest Arkansas. He hopes to be here in the next couple of months. We are going to see what happens next.

Do not give up folks, love will happen when you least expect it! ( That's what my grandmother use to say.)

Thanks Catholic Mingle!

Miraclebaby (Ellie)

miraclebaby & Eagle1972

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