Success Stories: 2008

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What a wonderful new beginning.

It was over a year ago and I felt that my life going nowhere. I was alone and the marriage I vowed to the end of this life was gone. It seemed everything I tried to do turned out wrong and ended in despair. As a Christian, I could not give up on life. I was desperately in need of help. It was then that I turned to my lord and asked for guidance and direction. A short time later, I awoke in the middle of the night when I sensed a voice in the form of thought waves in my brain.

Shortly thereafter, I found and decided to join Catholic Mingle. Not that I had much faith in internet dating, but I figured "why not". I read this one particular lady's profile. She stated it was her birthday that day and she stated her age. I was compelled for some reason to respond to her. Much to my surprise, she responded and thanked me for the birthday wishes. We corresponded for 3 months and decided to meet. We had talked about so many things.

I made the 2000 mile trip to meet her. We had decided to meet at a railroad station in Chicago. It was chilly that day when I walked into the station to meet this lady that I had grown to know so well. I recognized her by the pictures I had of her as she did me. It was as though I had known her for years and I was coming home from a business trip. We hugged, but walked out of the station before we kissed. Before that afternoon had ended, we were engaged and had a license to be married. The very next day, we drove to the court house in downtown Chicago and had to walk 2 blocks in the rain and were married within 20 minutes.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas together and then I returned to the West Coast to sell my home and make plans for us to be together.
We have had some mountains to climb.

Four months ago, we said goodbye thinking that in a couple of months we would be together. We did not plan on this economic disaster. I have finally sold my property and it looks like we will be in our new home shortly. We have placed our faith in the lord. We have had some unbelievable incidences in our time together which had to be inspired by god. For example, the 2 blocks we had to walk/run in the rain to get married? I didn't think of it at the time, but later I asked my wife if she had gotten wet from the rain and like me, she could not recall being wet when we got back to the car.
We are happily married and certainly want to thank you and the lord for a wonderful new beginning.



We just know we are each others soulmates.

One day a great guy named Emmanuel instant messaged me and I answered him back. This was the best thing I could have ever done. We chatted for a while and then exchanged personal contact information. We chatted all the time and he sent me a picture which made me fall in love with him right after seeing it. He is honest, believes the same values like me, and we write each other e-mails. He lives in the UK, but it does no matter because regardless of the short time we have known each other, we just know we are each others soulmates. Thanks Catholic Mingle.

Griselle & Emmanuel


We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

George and I met on Catholic Mingle last October. We were said to have 100 % match and so it was. After many email's and questions, we discovered that we had so much in common and a relationship
was quickly established. We were many miles apart, George in Indiana and I in Florida. I believe that prior to our meeting George had captured my heart and he mine. After Christmas, George drove to Florida and it was a wonderful meeting that confirmed our love. The visit lasted 1 week and George asked me to marry him and
I accepted without hesitation. There were many more conversations and discussions and there was no doubt in either of our minds that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We are mature adults and would not take a commitment lightly and though there were many doubts in the minds of others, we knew that our love was forever. March 29, 2008 we were married in St. Rita's Catholic church. I thank God and Catholic Mingle for uniting us in spite of our living 1200 miles apart. Best wishes to all of you on Catholic Mingle. May you with God's blessing reach the goals you are seeking.


The Second Time Around...

The Second Time Around

His name is Gene/Deacon. He joined in February of '07. He wasn't looking for romance, just some like-minded friends. His wife had died in June of '06 and the AARP grief support group recommended he join an online dating site. But to this day, he doesn't know how he ended up at Catholic Mingle. He was a very young 66 years old.

My name is Pam/smpkg1946. I joined on my 61st birthday in August. A girlfriend from church had asked me if I had ever thought about joining an online dating site. I said, you've got to be kidding me! I'd never do something like that. She said she had heard about a really good and safe site called Catholic Mingle. Her husband had died about six years earlier and the last child had just moved out. I had been a widow for 23 years, but had just lost (March '07) a "significant other"; we had been together for ten years. I wasn't exactly looking for love, but I knew I didn't want to spend the rest of my life alone. There was still a lot of life left in this old gray mare! So I joined; she didn't......yet.

I "cruised" the boards, posting on topics and starting my own topics. Gene emailed me in response to one of my topics. I looked at his profile, but was a little hesitant about some of his answers. I was afraid he was still too attached to his late wife. To me it appeared he had lost the great love of his life and could never love again.

Near the end of September, an angel named Annie took over. She had seen some of our posts, looked at both our profiles, and thought, hmmm, these two would make a great couple. So she emailed him and told him I thought he was interesting. At the same time, she emailed me and told me that he thought I was interesting. He emailed me first and said, "Annie thinks we would make a good match, what do you think?" It just blossomed from there. I responded that I wasn't real sure, but would like the chance to get to know him better. So we emailed back and forth, sent each other CM cards, met in chat, and most importantly, said the Rosary every night in the Prayer Room. We got to know each other more and more. We exchanged personal info, i.e., other email addys, snail mail addy, and most importantly, phone numbers. And boy did we ever use the phone minutes. Every night after Rosary and some time in chat, we would call one another. We talked for hours....sometimes until 3am. We just didn't want to hang up and break that connection. I remember that first phone call; I was as nervous as a teenager with her first boyfriend. I kept rambling on and on. I wasn't comfortable with the silences yet. We still laugh about it; we laugh a lot together. But we can cry together too, when it's needed. Then the stock in Hallmark shot up as we started sending cards through snail mail to each other. The first one I sent was a musical card. Snow White was on the front and when you opened it up it played, "Some day my Prince will come". (And he has!) Gene loved it and has nearly worn it out from playing it so much.

The hard part of our growing relationship was the distance; all 851 miles of it. We wanted to meet FTF, but were having problems with the logistics. I was co-facilitating a group at church and he had barbershop on Tuesday nights, a lay ministry class on Wednesday, and choir practice on Thursday. I invited him out for Thanksgiving, but he had a parish festival he was obligated to. Finally, on 12/27 we met FTF. He says he knew the minute he saw me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He came through the gate wearing a green and red elf's hat. I was wearing a red velor Santa hat. He presented me with a box of chocolates and a long-stemmed red rose. I would have fallen in love with him right then if I hadn't already. I had a pretty good idea he was the "one" about three weeks earlier when we sang Christmas carols together over the phone.

We spent as much time together as possible during the next week getting to know each other. His hotel was only about six blocks from my house. I took him on a whirlwind trip of all the Lincoln sites and down to Belleville, IL to the Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine. We met another Catholic Mingler, Nicole, there for dinner and took in their fabulous Lights Festival. On New Year's Eve, we dressed "to the nines" and attended a gala ball at one of Springfield's finest hotels. Our first dance was "Close to You"......very appropriate. But it was during, "Could I have this dance for the rest of my life" that Gene says he decided tonight was going to be a special night. After the obligatory toast and kiss at midnight, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. There was no hesitation...I answered YES, YES, YES!!!! A couple of days later after a visit with another mingle member, Cecile, we went and picked out our rings. He flew back home the next day. We both cried at the airport. We knew the separation was going to be hard. We met again in January in Las Vegas for the Mingle Meet, then I flew out to Jim Thorpe, PA in February for Valentine's Day and again in March for St Patrick's Day. We meet with Gene's priest in February and decided on a fall wedding. Jim Thorpe sits in a little valley surrounded by the Pocono mountains so it's sure to be a beautiful setting. Meanwhile, I have relocated to Jim Thorpe. It was getting a little expensive to keep flying. And we have a lot of work to do to get the house ready and all the plans for the wedding. In keeping with our fairytale romance, we are working on a fairytale theme for the wedding.

We cannot say enough about the wonderful opportunity Catholic Mingle gave us; it has changed our lives. We have met some of the most wonderful people on this site and we will truly miss them when we are gone. Thank you Catholic Mingle!

smpkg1946 & Deacon

It's crazy how much we have in common.

I met Rob a couple weeks ago on this site and I was not a subscriber. Once I saw his profile and noticed that he emailed me, I subscribed immediately! After a week of chatting, we planned on meeting (even though he is in California and I am in Ohio). We both decided that we no longer needed to be on the site and have taken our communications via phone and our own personal email addresses. I know that I wouldn't have been able to meet him if it wasn't for this site. It's crazy how much we have in common. The list keeps getting longer and longer the more we communicate. I'm not exactly sure where we'll end up, but I am VERY excited about the possibilities!


We hit it off immediately.

VBS & I met on-line last December of '06. When we met in person the next few months, it was really nice to see that our profiles were truly stated. We hit it off immediately and in October he proposed. On December 29,2007 we were married in the Catholic Church close by. We are both widowed and were married to out first loves over 40 years...making over 80 years of marriage between the two of us. We both love to dance and plan on spending a lot of time enjoying our music & making some too. Thanks Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.


gram & VBS

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