Success Stories: 2008

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How can you argue with a man who comes 802 miles for a date.

I met and married the love of my life through your site. I viewed it as totally impossible, Wisconsin/Alabama. I really didn't think it would work because I was viewing it from a distance standpoint, but it has. How can you argue with a man who comes 802 miles for a "date". I just wanted to thank you all for opening this up for us.


This beautiful girl sent me a smile...

Well, I had made a profile on Catholic Mingle about 2 years ago, but never really kept it up-to-date. But one day, a few months ago, I decided to update my profile. And to my amazement, about a day later, this beautiful girl sent me a smile. Her name was Diana. So of course, I checked her page out and saw that we had a lot in common. I sent her a smile in reply. We started emailing each other. And after only a week, we exchanged phone numbers. A few days after that, we met in person...AND WE"VE BEEN TOGETHER EVER SINCE!!! THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR CATHOLIC MINGLE!!!


We are now a happy couple...

I have been on this site for 6 months. I met an awesome man here and we started to chat and then started calling each other every day until the day he proposed to me. On June 28th of this year, we got married. Now we are a happy couple and everything, thanks to God. I also want to thank Catholic Mingle for making all this come true.


Love happened when I least expected it!

Eagle1972(Ed) and I met on February 15th of this year. I was ready to delete my profile that night. I had given up on meeting anyone here. He sent me a smile and a spark.

We have been emailing, instant messaging, and burning up the phone lines ever since. He is currently living in Westminster, California. I live in Bentonville, Arkansas. We have over 1200 miles between us, but we met in person last month. We are both originally from Illinois.

Needless to say, Ed is currently looking for full time employment here in Northwest Arkansas. He hopes to be here in the next couple of months. We are going to see what happens next.

Do not give up folks, love will happen when you least expect it! ( That's what my grandmother use to say.)

Thanks Catholic Mingle!

Miraclebaby (Ellie)

miraclebaby & Eagle1972

She has been everything I could ever hope for.

I met Lydia about a month ago on this site and she has been everything I could ever hope for. She is nearly perfect for me. I can't tell you what a joy this has been and will be to have her in my life.


Now the history begins...

I am thankful because I met the person I want on this site. Her username is hceb_21. Wet started the communication on September 22,2007 and we chatted for a long time on this site before I decided to meet her in person. Last February 7, 2008, I decided to visit her in the Philippines. I was very happy because she a wonderful woman; very caring and attendant. I returned to my home in Texas on February 15,2008. Now the history begins because I am currently working on her documents because I want her to come here to the States so I can marry her. I am very thankful for the opportunity I had while on Catholic Mingle since that is where I met hceb_21. Thanks you so much Catholic Mingle!

Horace & hceb_21

Our love has been growing.

Carol and I meet here on Catholic Mingle!
She saw my profile and I saw that she had looked at me so I started by sending her a smile! We smiled back and forth a few times and then started to email each other. Every email and soon telephone calls were more and more exciting!
We soon set up our FIRST DATE! We went to a lovely place called "The Melting Pot", a fondue place where most people sit and cook their food and eat in about 90 minutes. WE SAT THERE for three and a half hours! I had asked for a "quiet" corner and had 3 roses on the table. Before we were two hours into the date, I just had to kiss her. Since that night, our love has been growing. On 6/8/08, she agreed to marry me on 8/8/08! Thanks for your help in finding the love of my life!!!


poncho188 & mattandsamsmom

We have shared our dreams, goals, laughter, & our desires...

We conversed daily from our first contact. We met six weeks later. Since that time, we have shared our dreams, goals, much laughter, and our desire to become one. All thanks to Catholic Mingle! What started as a whim, will now become our wedding.

Thank you!


We still cannot believe our great fortune...

On Feb. 3, 2007, I answered an email sent to me by one of your members whose username was "Gonz". I live in New Jersey and found out my new friend lived in Wisconsin and I thought "well, everyone can always use another friend!" On May 3, 2008, my "friend" and I were married here in NJ and will have another ceremony for his friends and family on June 7, 2008 in Milwaukee. As soon as my home sells, I will move there.

My new husband had been alone since a 1991 divorce and although he has a very loving, close relationship with his 3 sons, he still longed for love and someone to spend the rest of his life with. Gonz had pretty much given up that he would ever find true love.

For me, my marriage of over 24 years ended when my now ex-husband had suffered a stroke and it changed him so much that he became a totally different person that included hating me. I felt lost, even though I too, have 3 great kids and 2 grand-daughter's. I missed being in love and being loved by a man that would want to grow old with me.

Thirteen months after that marriage ended, I was lucky enough that Gonz was also looking for the same thing as I was and even though I didn't answer the first email he sent, he tried again. We spent literally hours everyday on the phone for 2 and 1/2 months before we met in person, when I went to Milwaukee. We knew within a week after talking on the phone that we were in love with one another. We still cannot believe our great fortune of finding love late in life. It just goes to show that if you have faith in God, anything is possible. At times, it has been challenging, but our love and respect for one another is what has worked for us.

Thank you Catholic Mingle! Without you, Gonz and I would still be alone and missing out on the love of a lifetime!

Carrollj & Gonz

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