We're together, we're happy, and having the time of our live

We first met on February 24, 2006 in VA. After thousands of frequent flyer miles, hours on the cell phone, lots of e-mails, and video chats... later we were married on June 24, 2007, a year after we got engaged. It was the second marriage for both of us.

It was a different and fun wedding full of tears and tons of laughter. Since I volunteered as a Firefighter/EMT, and in keeping with the "different" theme, our get-away limo was a 39' Pierce pumper truck. Our kids, my sister and niece were our bridal party, musicians, singers and entertainers. My husband's older son and best man, gave a very heart-warming toast which touched everyone and brought a lot of laughter as well as tears. Tears of joy, of course. My daughter and Matron of Honor followed and brought on more tears. We did our first dance after that, which brought my husband's parents to tears, as they had never seen him dance. We had taken dance lessons, so our dance (Could I Have This Dance by Anne Murray) looked like we had choreographed it to the music, and I must say, we looked rather dashing. Looking at the video, we could see that our guests were singing along, just as I was, and I found out later that even the wait staff and event coordinator for the hotel were moved to tears in the wings.
All in all, we had a blast. It was our goal to have a fun and different wedding, and that's exactly what everyone was saying as they left the reception. I was still getting e-mail weeks later from our guests saying how much fun they had.

Catholic Mingle, thank you so much for bringing us together (My stepson even made reference to you in his toast). Because of your website, two people's lives have been changed forever. We're together, we're happy, and having the time of our lives.

***Updated 8/4/08***
Our married life has been wonderful and we are grateful to CM for providing us the medium to get together. Many people have asked us how we met, knowing that I lived in VA and him here in FL. We proudly tell them that we met on CM and most people think it's so cool that they actually know of a real internet connection.

We've done a lot of things in the last 13 months. We traveled to Knoxville, TN for the Jr. Olympics (I coached a jump rope team), then drove from there to Florida, where we made our home. We always make a point of doing something special on the 24th of each month, because we first met in person in VA on February 24th, we had our first "real" date in Atlanta, GA on March 24th, we got engaged on June 24th, 2006 and got married on June 24th, 2007. We've traveled throughout FL as well as other states to visit friends and family, see theatrical plays and musicals, go to festivals and cook-offs, and other fun things by ourselves or with our kids.

Not all the trips were for fun and pleasure. In November of 2007, Richard accompanied my son and me to Decatur, IL after my father developed pneumonia from complications with his cancer radiation therapy (My parents were staying with my aunt there, because my mom needed surgery that was not available in Guam, where they lived). I stayed behind and the guys flew home only to come back a few days later as the cancer consumed my father's body. My mother moved to VA Beach (where my father is now interred), to live with my sister. Having spent most of her life in a tropical climate, we flew her to FL for Christmas to get her away from the winter cold. We also flew my daughter, her husband, and son here, so we had a nice family gathering. Richard's sons were home from college, his parents and sister and her family were here as well, so my mother got to meet his side of the family for the first time. We had a wonderful family Christmas.

For our first anniversary, we went on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas. We had great fun, great food, and we enjoyed each other tremendously! Less than two weeks later, we flew to Chicago for my husband's conference. This week, we are working on getting our kitchen back. We had some cabinets updated, added a new pantry and computer tower, and we hope to have counter tops next week. On top of all this, a couple of months ago, I finally got a job at the same college my husband works at, so we are able to drive in together. Best of all, we have the same holidays!!

So, since CM, life has been good. We owe a great deal to you guys, and we are always happy to tell our story.

Lyn and Richard


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