We have so much in common.

I met dreamlizzie on April first. We talked and joked with each other all night long just having fun laughing and kiding around with each other on the IM service. We had so much fun asking each other questions back and forth for hours on the IM service only to find out we had so much in common. That lead to hours on the phone enjoying each others stories and of course the best date I ever been on in my life. We now have and share the joy of life that God has blessed us with and are thankful for each other and everything this site had to offer us. The small price I paid for the months I spent on this site were worth every penny I spent. I met so many nice people made new friends and just enjoyed my time on this site. There is someone for everyone in this world I never thought the internet would be the place for me to find love or even a date. Thanks to the mingle my church singles friends for telling me about this site my faith in God that my prayers will be answered and the members on this site for taking the time just to say hi to make it be able to find my dreamlizzie.

lokilikeme & dreamlizzie

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