The match is evident

We were married September 7, 2007. We began writing via Catholic Mingles January 29, 2005. We both tried other dating services and local singles events, however, after a few decades of trying all these avenues, Catholic Mingles did the trick. We're both in our mid-50’s, so dating experience for both of us is vast, as this is both our first marriages. Success is knowing who one really wants as a mate. Success is being honest with one self and seeing clearly who the person is so as to really feel comfortable with that individual. You may not like the same music or movies, but if you work well together, day to day, and respect each other the match is evident. Having the same values when it comes to money and situation management is key. We respect each other’s hobbies and tastes though we do not completely share them, but we delight to see the other person happy. Positive spirit is key. Laughing a lot together is key. The wedding was simple, inexpensive, but dignified. We made our own cake, had relatives operate the cameras, had no flowers, and focused on the sacrament not the pomp and expense often associated with weddings. We honeymooned in New England for a simple and quiet few days. Never give up finding that special someone, they do exist. Thank you Catholic Mingles.

***Updated 8/5/08***
"We look back at our dating years and see how Catholic Mingle was truly a blessing of Divine Providence. The wonder of marriage is that dating is a preliminary, but the day people marry is truly the beginning. We grow from there and discover the wonderful synergy between us. As a team we are handling many complex care giving issues for each of us in our families as well as the joys of home ownership. We have a large property and the work never ends, but the joy of being together and taming the wilderness into a home is exciting. We never forget to laugh and laugh we do often. We strive each day to communicate. Like building a home, marriage is a building of two separate lives, now one. We see ourselves not totally as individuals, but as a unit, one powerful unit that can face any challenge."

Michael and Eileen
Sunbury, PA

Warmandcaring and ArchangelM

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