Romance bloomed

Last summer I joined CatholicMingle in hopes of finding someone to simply share my life with, who I could get along with and someone who would love me for me!

About two months into my membership I had met two really great guys. One I thought I had a lot in common with, and another lived in a different country. After spending quite a bit of time talking with the first person, I had hopes that a relationship would form, but I knew deep down that it wasn't the "right" one.

Shortly after, I came upon Brian's profile. He seemed to be a perfect gentleman, intelligent, caring, and he was in a different career than mine (I constantly dated people in my line of work and it never lasted). We also matched 100%. On a whim, I used his screen name to send him an instant message on another messenger and he replied back. At first, I thought we would just be good friends, and suddenly, out of nowhere, this incredible romance bloomed.

Meeting Brian is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Currently we are still making the long-distance situation work but I have every intention of moving to be with him next year. I just wanted to share my success story because I felt as if I had really met some great guys, and could see "potential" in some of them. However, when you TRULY meet the one you're supposed to be with, you will know for sure! Thank you to the CM website for helping to bring us together, and good luck to all still searching for The One! God bless.


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