It is just the beginning

It all started with a "Catholic Mingle Smile wink" from Gaby. I took a look at her profile not realizing she was from Monterrey, Mexico while I was 1000+ miles away in Phoenix, Arizona. I immediately liked what I saw and responded back with another smile and e-mail. We started to talk here and there through e-mail and instant messaging. I was scheduled to take a cruise with some friends to the Caribbean out of Miami, so we weren't in contact for a couple of weeks. I remember talking to my buddy on the cruise
when he had asked "how my lady life was going". I remember thinking about Gaby in the back of my mind even at that point before we really started
communicating. I got back from the cruise curious to see if Gaby would remember me because we had only communicated a couple of times prior to the
cruise. Well, she did remember me.

One day we were communicating through
instant messaging and she decided to let me see what she looked like through video camera. I was able to see her, but she was not able to see me because I did not have a camera for my computer at that point. Once I saw her at her office, I knew I had to get a camera. I went right out to Best Buy that same day and purchased one so she could see me. Once I got it, we started talking "LIVE" with each other just like we were in the same room. We started talking everyday about everything and we even had one night in which
we talked for 8 hours straight. Even though I was not physically with Gaby, our relationship started to grow and we began developing strong feelings for each other. I had feelings similar to when you have been on a few dates with someone and you could tell there was great potential.

One day we started talking about music and I mentioned how I liked Kenny Rogers. She indicated that he was coming to Monterrey, Mexico and she said if you come to Monterrey that she would buy us tickets. At that moment, a whole series of events started happening in my mind, not just about Kenny Rogers, but the possibility of meeting this wonderful person. I figured what do I have to lose, lets do it, lets go to Monterrey and meet Gaby. She soon started the countdown to my arrival and day by day our feelings grew stronger for each other. She doesn't know this, but I fell in love with her before I saw her in real life.

The day finally arrives for my trip to see Gaby. We had very anxious feelings about seeing each other, not knowing if it would be the
same in real life. I wasn't too worried because I already loved everything about her. The moment we saw each other for real, we hugged and kissed like
we had known each other all of our lives. She showed me everything that Monterrey has to offer and gave me the best 5 days of my life. I met her
wonderful family and enjoyed an authentic Mexican barbecue in my honor. I have memories to last a lifetime. We are very affectionate with each other and both care deeply about the core values of our Lord in the Catholic religion. I am going back to visit once again for New Years 2008 so the
story hasn't ended, it is just the beginning, so stay tuned.

If it wasn't for Catholic Mingle and technology, I would have never met my lovely Gaby.
I encourage all members to give Catholic Mingle a try, you never know what the good Lord will bring us.

***Updated 5/1/09***
We got married April 11, 2009.

kinghaas77 & Gaby

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