Enjoying the journey

Hi all, I am pleased to say I really did find somebody amazing through CM. I had been a member for 2 years, and beyond finding the great guy that I did, I also made a couple good friends, one in particular, what a story, I live in Calgary, AB, Canada and he was from SD, USA. We IM'd for a while and that led to phone, and had quite an adventurous summer, which only really prooved to me that distance doesn't matter, if you have the ambition (and to be noted, it was really out of my usual "comfort" zone, to travel that far and such). We are still close friends and he has been like a big brother to me. And a spiritual adviser, kind of. Well let's just say I learned alot from him.

But the real story is, upon finding this friend with whom the "chemistry" and practicality didn't work, months later I hadn't bothered to log in, for a long while.

But one night, mostly bored, I decided to (and yes, WOW, does timing ever have everything to do with it ... God's timing that is ... ). I did an "advanced search" in my area and there was a new member, right here in Calgary (believe me, this is kinda rare!). I smiled at him, no big hopes, just smiling cause we were in the same city. Usually I am more apt to consider someone who COMPLETELY fills out there profile, which, he did not :P.

But all the same, I smiled. What insued was alot more smiles. And of course eventually chatting (common CM'ers, you know how it goes ... ), moved to phone calls, and an eventual meet :D.

We have been dating for 3 months now and it's all good! Sorry I don't have a really fast track miracle story, but we are very happy and enjoying the journey of this growing frienship and romance.

What I would like to say to other members ... is, you never know. I had my doubts and didn't ever go hard with an assumption that CM would lead me to my soul mate, but I think it just may have, even though I didn't believe it possibly could. My boyfriend is wonderful, and I wouldn't have known, had I chosen not to smile, even though his profile wasn't volumous in words. (But still, you really should fill it ALL out, girls need to hear that kind of stuff!).

God Bless you all, wish you to keep the faith (of course that has to be number 1), and don't give up hope that you may find your match on here, even if it does take a while, and some patience!

Thanks for the good times, Amen.


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