A love story worthy of a romance novel!

His Story:
I met BeautyMD2006 (Pin is her name), back in March. We chatted here for several months, eventually sharing Yahoo! messenger ID's and phone numbers. Finally in June we were able to meet for a few days when she was visiting the US for a conference.

Recently I was able to take a week vacation and visit here in the Philippines. WOW, this has really been a love story worthy of a romance novel! We are now working on our plans to share the rest of our lives!!!!

The fact we are nearly half a world apart has had little if no effect on our determination to be together.

I wanted you to know, that your web site has again brought 2 good caring souls together once again. Thank you Carrie, and all the CM staff! We love you!


Her Story:
My name is Pin(beautymd2006), a doctor from the Philippines. After constant smiles and emails from Michael(airview5), we finally chatted, talked on the phone for hours, emailed and saw each other, and got married twice!

We met in March of 2007 on Catholic Mingle. We saw each other for the first time in Philadelphia in May because I had a conference then. He visited me at my brother’s home and together with a friend visited him in TN.

In a few weeks, he was in the Philippines meeting my parents. I got back in TN in October of 2007. In December of 2007 he came back to marry me before the judge in the Philippines.

April 11, 2008, we had our beautiful church wedding in Manila Cathedral in the Philippines.

Since I met Michael, life was never the same again. We had to give up some things in our lives to have each other. I gave up my career in the Philippines. He gave up his comfortable bachelor life. But gaining each other gave no regrets. Up to these very moment, we are now reaching our second year wedding anniversary, it still feels like the first time I saw Michael. He is very loving, sweet, God loving, intelligent and handsome, everything I have dreamt of in a husband.

We are now working on the next phase of our lives together, that is, building our family with children.

All of this could not have happened without prayer and God’s guidance. I kept on praying to God to give me a wonderful husband that will join me in fulfilling His will in our lives. Michael was praying too. We were still both single in our forties! In our search for our one true love, God lead us to meet on Catholic Mingle—a website were we found each other sharing the same faith which was the very core of our lives.

We know that a God centered relationship is the key to a successful marriage. We are not two when we get married, we are three in the relationship; and God is the center.

Thanks to Catholic Mingle for providing the venue for this.


Airview5 and BeautyMD2006

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