We prayed for someone to come into our lives.

Ed (Papa) and Joan (JoanE) will be married on October 28, 2006 in a Catholic Church in VA. We met on Mingle in October 2005. We became engaged on Valentine's Day 2006. We are looking forward to a honeymoon in Rome and Florence, Italy in November 2006. We received tickets to attend a blessing by the Pope for newlyweds that we will attend while in Rome. You can view a picture of us on JoanE profile. We will put a Wedding picture on JoanE profile sometime in the future before leaving this site after we are married. We are older adults and prayed for someone to come into our lives after the death of our spouses. Prayers are answered. We thank Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.
Best Wishes,
Ed and Joan

JoanE & papa

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