The Mingle is the bomb!

The Mingle is the bomb! Charger and I met last August. Just a day after I had joined, he got an alert in his mailbox that I was a match. Initially, I discouraged him from continuing to correspond. I was 445 miles south in the L.A. area and he was up in Sacramento! How could I hope to have a meaningful relationship with someone at such a distance? I suggested we just swap e-mails as friends.

We e-mailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and the attraction just flourished and grew. It was so compelling. We had so, so much in common - certainly our faith and Catholic values - but also our appreciation for sharp, profound discussion tempered by compatibility and irreverent senses of humor. We shared a complex and magical chemistry from the beginning. It almost felt too good to be true. We were ultimately determined to see if the intellectual attraction and the real life, up-close-and-person reality could actually co-exist . . .

Finally, we agreed to meet in person. We each drove four hours and met in a little town in central California. We talked all night! No one would have imagined that we'd only just met in person for the very first time. From then on, we arranged to see one another every two weeks. Over time, even that wasn't often enough. We have kept Southwest airlines in business between the two of us and our frequent flyer miles.

Inevitably, our discussions turned more serious. We discussed the possibility of marriage on a few occasions. The big day came when Charger popped the question on the shore of the lake at South Lake Tahoe. The sun had just set in the twilight sky. The stars were just beginning to twinkle. We admired the snow-capped peaks surrounding us. Turning to sit on a bench in the sand, I took a seat as Charger surprised me by kneeling down on one knee and proposing marriage. I accepted, and we plan to be married July 8, 2006!

We are so humbled and awed by God's abundant blessings and love upon us and our children in bringing us together. Thank you so very much to Catholic Mingle for providing a wonderful, dynamic and faith-centered environment where like-minded individuals can meet, share and enjoy the kindness and love of others -- and perhaps even find the love of their lives. Wow!

**UPDATED 8/14/06**
The Mingle is fabulous! I met and married my beloved Charger from right here on the good ol' Mingle this July, 2006! I'm officially happy, hitched and having the time of my life! Best of luck to everyone. Catholic Mingle is wonderful!!!!!

Parizienne & Charger

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