I proposed. And she accepted!!

As a widower, I had decided to stop looking for someone. For several years I had worked hard at trying to find and share my life with the right woman. But, I figured the Lord's message to me was clear - 'This is not the path I have planned for you.' Then one afternoon, not too long after my acceptance of the Lord's will, in July 2005, Pam's profile and picture appeared from Catholic Match with an 87% match (unheard of for me)! [When my profile appeared on her screen it was with a 93% match!!] Also, the personality profile coloring started us off well. I thought, "Wow! Well, maybe He has opened a door. I will take a chance and walk through!"

My first introductory e-mail was on July 14, 2005; Our e-mails were great. Pam revealed herself to be an intelligent, accomplished, Catholic woman of grace and kindness. After several months we met for dinner on Sep 4, 2005. When she walked in the restaurant door, I was smitten - all that and beauty too. From the first there was a great attraction and shared interests. The dating turned into courting, on my part, within no time. We are both grateful for Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.

Even though we live in the same city (30 minutes apart), it is doubtful that we would have ever met if not for Catholic Mingle. The Lord continues to bless us as we build our relationship and learn more and more about each other. The future is in the Lord's hands, but we are counting on His blessings on us.

I proposed. And she accepted!! We became engaged on September 16, 2006. The wedding is scheduled for April 14, 2007. We are very involved in wedding planning at his time.


RichardB & Amazing2U2

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