He caught me totally off-guard.

God is so good and We are so blessed!!!!! Greg proposed to me on Saturday September 16, 2006! We are engaged!
We are getting married January 27, 2007!!!a brief story: We met online (catholicmingle.com) I sent him a virtual "smile," two years ago in September 2004 ... We talked online, on the phone, and through e-mail. In May 2005 we met in person (and we really hit it off!) In June 2005 Greg took me up to the foothills to show me his property up there and the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend (I said yes!!!!) We have dated with me living in Southern CA, the Bay Area, and now finally the Central Valley! We laugh a lot and enjoy spending time together. We visit friends and family often and rarely have too much spare time. We pray and go to church together. Our faith lives are very much on the same level. ... We fell in love ... In February 2006 Greg brought me back up to the foothills and told me he loved me!! It was the most romantic time we'd ever had. (I told him I loved him too!!!) We camp and hike and love spending time outside exploring God's creation. We have traveled all over Europe together and have made our way across the country visiting family and friends. We teach together for our church's confirmation students. ... Over the last year or so, we've had our ups and downs like any relationship has...but over that time we've learned what makes each of us tick, we’ve become friends and fallen in love. And we've learned that we share a common vision of our futures together...as a married couple, as parents of our future children, and as a Christian couple willing to go together wherever and do whatever God wants us to. In August 2006 Greg talked to his family priest and his parents, for a blessing for us to get married. The next weekend, we drove to Oregon to see my family and while I was out shopping with my best friend - Greg spoke with my father about his daughter and marriage. Of course, when my best friend and I came home dad and Greg were hugging in the living room. Two weeks later (Saturday September 16, 2006) - after much research on Greg's part to find the perfect ring, much planning on his part to plan the perfect proposal, and much anxious anticipation on my part!!!! - He caught me totally off-guard and made it a complete surprise!!! He proposed. Many of you have already asked how he did it and please call me if you want the 20 minute explanation! But to be brief - it was perfect! He brought me to our church, to the statues of the Holy Family, to light a candle and pray. He prayed for us and for our future together. It was amazing (ok, now I am all watery-eyed at work writing this!!!) He got down on both knees, said all sorts of sweet things to me, and asked me to marry him! (OF COURSE – I said yes!!) The priest had left a blessing for us and since we were alone in the church we cheered and danced around, very excited! We called around to share the good news and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and celebrating with family and friends. Prayers are heard (I can’t even count how many novenas to St. Joseph I have prayed!!) and dreams do come true!!! Our God is truly an awesome God!Blessings to all of you.


sarina & greengreg

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