Success Stories: 2006

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He caught me totally off-guard.

God is so good and We are so blessed!!!!! Greg proposed to me on Saturday September 16, 2006! We are engaged!
We are getting married January 27, 2007!!!a brief story: We met online ( I sent him a virtual "smile," two years ago in September 2004 ... We talked online, on the phone, and through e-mail. In May 2005 we met in person (and we really hit it off!) In June 2005 Greg took me up to the foothills to show me his property up there and the next day he asked me to be his girlfriend (I said yes!!!!) We have dated with me living in Southern CA, the Bay Area, and now finally the Central Valley! We laugh a lot and enjoy spending time together. We visit friends and family often and rarely have too much spare time. We pray and go to church together. Our faith lives are very much on the same level. ... We fell in love ... In February 2006 Greg brought me back up to the foothills and told me he loved me!! It was the most romantic time we'd ever had. (I told him I loved him too!!!) We camp and hike and love spending time outside exploring God's creation. We have traveled all over Europe together and have made our way across the country visiting family and friends. We teach together for our church's confirmation students. ... Over the last year or so, we've had our ups and downs like any relationship has...but over that time we've learned what makes each of us tick, we’ve become friends and fallen in love. And we've learned that we share a common vision of our futures a married couple, as parents of our future children, and as a Christian couple willing to go together wherever and do whatever God wants us to. In August 2006 Greg talked to his family priest and his parents, for a blessing for us to get married. The next weekend, we drove to Oregon to see my family and while I was out shopping with my best friend - Greg spoke with my father about his daughter and marriage. Of course, when my best friend and I came home dad and Greg were hugging in the living room. Two weeks later (Saturday September 16, 2006) - after much research on Greg's part to find the perfect ring, much planning on his part to plan the perfect proposal, and much anxious anticipation on my part!!!! - He caught me totally off-guard and made it a complete surprise!!! He proposed. Many of you have already asked how he did it and please call me if you want the 20 minute explanation! But to be brief - it was perfect! He brought me to our church, to the statues of the Holy Family, to light a candle and pray. He prayed for us and for our future together. It was amazing (ok, now I am all watery-eyed at work writing this!!!) He got down on both knees, said all sorts of sweet things to me, and asked me to marry him! (OF COURSE – I said yes!!) The priest had left a blessing for us and since we were alone in the church we cheered and danced around, very excited! We called around to share the good news and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and celebrating with family and friends. Prayers are heard (I can’t even count how many novenas to St. Joseph I have prayed!!) and dreams do come true!!! Our God is truly an awesome God!Blessings to all of you.


sarina & greengreg

I proposed. And she accepted!!

As a widower, I had decided to stop looking for someone. For several years I had worked hard at trying to find and share my life with the right woman. But, I figured the Lord's message to me was clear - 'This is not the path I have planned for you.' Then one afternoon, not too long after my acceptance of the Lord's will, in July 2005, Pam's profile and picture appeared from Catholic Match with an 87% match (unheard of for me)! [When my profile appeared on her screen it was with a 93% match!!] Also, the personality profile coloring started us off well. I thought, "Wow! Well, maybe He has opened a door. I will take a chance and walk through!"

My first introductory e-mail was on July 14, 2005; Our e-mails were great. Pam revealed herself to be an intelligent, accomplished, Catholic woman of grace and kindness. After several months we met for dinner on Sep 4, 2005. When she walked in the restaurant door, I was smitten - all that and beauty too. From the first there was a great attraction and shared interests. The dating turned into courting, on my part, within no time. We are both grateful for Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.

Even though we live in the same city (30 minutes apart), it is doubtful that we would have ever met if not for Catholic Mingle. The Lord continues to bless us as we build our relationship and learn more and more about each other. The future is in the Lord's hands, but we are counting on His blessings on us.

I proposed. And she accepted!! We became engaged on September 16, 2006. The wedding is scheduled for April 14, 2007. We are very involved in wedding planning at his time.


RichardB & Amazing2U2

We prayed for someone to come into our lives.

Ed (Papa) and Joan (JoanE) will be married on October 28, 2006 in a Catholic Church in VA. We met on Mingle in October 2005. We became engaged on Valentine's Day 2006. We are looking forward to a honeymoon in Rome and Florence, Italy in November 2006. We received tickets to attend a blessing by the Pope for newlyweds that we will attend while in Rome. You can view a picture of us on JoanE profile. We will put a Wedding picture on JoanE profile sometime in the future before leaving this site after we are married. We are older adults and prayed for someone to come into our lives after the death of our spouses. Prayers are answered. We thank Catholic Mingle for bringing us together.
Best Wishes,
Ed and Joan

JoanE & papa

I knew she was a keeper.

Militza and I met through a brief chat session on Catholic Mingle.
Initially, she turned me down. Absolutely gave me the ultimate no-no. She looked at my profile, saw that I had red hair and said, "See ya." Only, her response to decline was a lot more polite. Her decline message came back to me as she was "busy at the time." She tells me now she was trying to be polite, but that she
really didn't care for guys with red, or in my case, auburn hair. Catholic Mingle's site didn't provide an option for my exact hair color, at least not that I can remember when I initially became a lifetime member. Militza says it's almost lighter than strawberry blonde. Either way, it almost cost me the girl of my dreams.

That was when I tried to IM her while we were both online at the same time. After waiting a while following her ultimate shut-down to accept my invitation to start up a conversation, I asked her again, my instincts telling me she had "enough time" to finish what she was doing. This time she accepted.

We hit it off right from the beginning. One of the first things she said to me was she knew if she ever got married she would never get a divorce. When she told me that, I knew Militza was worth pursuing. I knew she was a keeper. I had been saying those exact sentiments to different girls, and never got the same
response back. Or at least the response I was looking for. This time, I didn't have to do the work. Militza did it all for me, and pretty quickly.

We were talking on the phone that night. Initially, when I asked her for her phone number, she said, "I have two. One with a tone and one without." I'm briefly scratching my head, although I knew there was one good phone and one bad. Yeah, I want the one with
a tone, I told her. What she was meaning to tell me was that one worked and one didn't. My thoughts were, yeah, I want you to hear what I'm saying.

So that night we talked until about 2:30 in the
morning. Well, 2:30 a.m. for her -- she lives in
Bethlehem, PA. I lived in Phoenix.

Needless to say, after a couple flights from Phoenix to Philadelphia, which is about an hour away from Bethlehem, some coaxing from her large Puerto Rican family and the right timing, I moved here, where we are now engaged. She flew out to Phoenix to drive back across the country with me, and we made a stop in the Grand Canyon, where we got engaged on Aug. 18, my grandpa's birthday. I was named after my grandpa,
James Francis. I didn't plan it that way
intentionally. It just sort of worked out. We later asked her parents for permission -- something she "politely" insisted, and after staying with her family for about a month while living here, I proposed to her on her 34th birthday, Sept. 20, 2006, following long
day, which included a short trip to Atlantic City.

Already, we've been to Baltimore, New York City,
northern Virginia and Atlantic City together. We've traveled across the country from Arizona through New Mexico, the panhandle in Texas, Oklahoma City and Tulsa into Missouri. At the border of Oklahoma-Missouri, my new car ran out of gas after 1 a.m. and we had to sit for a little over an hour, waiting for roadside assistance. It was a lesson in patience, but the long wait also taught me not to test my tank. We had a great time in St. Louis and then drove up into the metro Detroit area in Michigan, where she met my family. They all love her very much.

We have seen many places together, but so far, the Grand Canyon is very special for obvious reasons. A few of the photos of us were taken in the Grand Canyon.

We are planning a May wedding and beginning our future together now. Living separately, of course.

Hey, we're Catholic.

Militza and I both want to thank Catholic Mingle for making this connection possible.

We'll never forget Catholic Mingle ...

mccurdy & tweetie72

We are getting married September 8

It is with great joy that "seemerun" and I ("cephas101") announce we are getting married September 8, as it is the Birthday of Our Lady. Seemerun, who lives in Tucson, is a RN and will continue her work as a NICU nurse in Tulsa, after we are married. Although I am retired, we will also work together building a combination of a ranch and a farm near by. We will use the ranch in a apostolate for the Lord and Our Lady..

We wish everyone the best. We both want to say, hang in there because God has someone picked out special for you. Just be patient, pray and wait; then everything will fall into place in God's time.

Praise be God!

In Jesus and Mary,
seemerun and cephas101

cephas101 & seemerun

The Mingle is the bomb!

The Mingle is the bomb! Charger and I met last August. Just a day after I had joined, he got an alert in his mailbox that I was a match. Initially, I discouraged him from continuing to correspond. I was 445 miles south in the L.A. area and he was up in Sacramento! How could I hope to have a meaningful relationship with someone at such a distance? I suggested we just swap e-mails as friends.

We e-mailed back and forth for a couple of weeks and the attraction just flourished and grew. It was so compelling. We had so, so much in common - certainly our faith and Catholic values - but also our appreciation for sharp, profound discussion tempered by compatibility and irreverent senses of humor. We shared a complex and magical chemistry from the beginning. It almost felt too good to be true. We were ultimately determined to see if the intellectual attraction and the real life, up-close-and-person reality could actually co-exist . . .

Finally, we agreed to meet in person. We each drove four hours and met in a little town in central California. We talked all night! No one would have imagined that we'd only just met in person for the very first time. From then on, we arranged to see one another every two weeks. Over time, even that wasn't often enough. We have kept Southwest airlines in business between the two of us and our frequent flyer miles.

Inevitably, our discussions turned more serious. We discussed the possibility of marriage on a few occasions. The big day came when Charger popped the question on the shore of the lake at South Lake Tahoe. The sun had just set in the twilight sky. The stars were just beginning to twinkle. We admired the snow-capped peaks surrounding us. Turning to sit on a bench in the sand, I took a seat as Charger surprised me by kneeling down on one knee and proposing marriage. I accepted, and we plan to be married July 8, 2006!

We are so humbled and awed by God's abundant blessings and love upon us and our children in bringing us together. Thank you so very much to Catholic Mingle for providing a wonderful, dynamic and faith-centered environment where like-minded individuals can meet, share and enjoy the kindness and love of others -- and perhaps even find the love of their lives. Wow!

**UPDATED 8/14/06**
The Mingle is fabulous! I met and married my beloved Charger from right here on the good ol' Mingle this July, 2006! I'm officially happy, hitched and having the time of my life! Best of luck to everyone. Catholic Mingle is wonderful!!!!!

Parizienne & Charger

We were married on January 28, 2006

Celticfan and I started emailing and IM'ing in September of 2005. We quickly realized that we had a great deal in common, thanks in part to the profile system offered on Catholic Mingle. Because we knew about each others likes and dislikes before we ever emailed, it made getting to know each other a lot easier. When we decided to meet for dinner, it was like meeting an old friend, and falling in love at first sight! We knew enough about one another to know that this first meeting was going to be the make or break, and I am very happy to say, we were both very pleased with the results. We were married on January 28, 2006, and have started blending our 2 families and look forward to many years of happiness and joy together.

Kpzolo & Celticfan

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