We got married!

Next Generation of Minglers!!!
Just wanted to update you on our latest info!!!

Well, as you know, "justbrowsn" and I got married Aug 15th 2004, and it was a day FILLED with God's wonder and presence!!!

SO present was He that He arranged it so that I ovulated on our wedding day!!! So Brennan and I are now expecting our HONEYMOON baby in early May 2005!!!! (I'm "aiming" for Mothers' Day ;-) ... And bear in mind that I am already 41 and will be 42 when the baby is born!!!! It will be my first child.

Now how many ways can you explain that????!!!!

God continues to show His awesome might and power in our lives!!!

May all who enter this site be as blessed!!

Her story:

Well, I have longed for this day! I have finally found my HUSBAND and right here on Catholic Mingle! I have waited 41 LONG years for this, but Brennan is worth EVERY MINUTE of that wait!

Bren and I first had contact here at Mingle on July 24th, 2003. He lives in Virginia, and I live in the West Indies (till August, anyway ;-). He said how much he loved my profile, but never thought that he'd make it to Trinidad, so I left it at that, and continued my search. Two months later, hurricane Isabel passed thru NC and VA, so I dropped a one liner to all who I knew in those areas and he was one. He wrote back, I replied. He asked for more pictures, so did I and WHAM! Trinidad and Virginia came 3000 miles closer!!!!!
We've NEVER looked back! We pretty much knew before we even met in person that this was it! He came to Trinidad in December for a week, and once I woke up from that dream and sobered up from the visit, I KNEW that this was it!

We decided the next week that we couldn't live without each other longer than the summer 2004. So we set a date, and officially got engaged when I visited Va in February!

I have never been happier in my life! I have been in so many unsuccessful relationships, but NEVER let go of my dream, and BOY when God is READY, He's READY!

My mom died 3 years ago, so perhaps she has some pull up there and got this one rollin. I am EVER thankful, and we both LONG to continue living our lives for God's work now as a couple!

justbrowsn & GodsChild

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