We got engaged in August

I wanted to write and let you know about our success story on your site.

I joined your site around Jan. 04 and was emailing smiles and notes and then Luke 33 began emailing me and we emailed for about a week and then we talked on the phone about a week later and we had so much in common. We continued to email and talk and 2 months later we agreed to meet in Tenn. where I was living at the time. He drove from Georgia to meet me and we had such a great time for the 5 days we spent together. We talked, laughed and walked in the park. We also attended Easter Vigil mass . I was planning to move to Florida(central) in April(latter part) where I had built a house to be closer to my parents and Luke 33 had been stationed there many years ago and really liked the area. So after I moved I went to Georgia and we worked on his home to get it ready to be sold. He began applying for new jobs in Florida and he got a response in August 04 that he interviewed for and was offered, he accepted the position. We got engaged in August 04 and plan to be married in the fall of this year (2005) in the Catholic church we attend.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet other catholics and build on this to have long lasting relationships.


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