Success Stories: 2005

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A match made in Heaven

Hey there,

This is soulseeker. I went to the Philippines to meet the woman I met on Mingle (rys1) Wow! We really hit it off and had a great time. We're a match made in Heaven. She's an absolute Angel from Heaven!

Well we had a great time planned, and left room for variations, which we used for talk time. We're good talkers, was amazing. So we toured, we resorted, we ate and just had a great time.

It didn't take long to see she was exactly as she portrayed herself to be. We're absolutely in love. I proposed, she accepted and we'll marry as soon as the paper work goes through.

Mingle is truly a Godsend for us. Thanks so much!

soulseeker & rys1

Married on December 31, 2004

I was married on December 31, 2004, after meeting my wife through your service. We began corresponding in February, 2002, and at the time we had both found your website very pleasant and easy to use. Thank you.


The beginning.

Last September (2004) I drove over 300 miles from Cleveland, Ohio, to a small town near Allentown, Pa. to attend a concert headlining my favorite singer, Chuck Negron, the former lead singer from Three Dog Night. The concert was postponed until the next day, a Sunday, due to the outdoor facility being damaged extensively by a bad storm on Friday night. Disappointed, I turned around and went home. I couldn't stay, due to job responsibilities.

On Sunday, I went to a festival about an hour outside of Cleveland, which I would not have been at, had this concert not have been canceled. At this festival, I ran into a friend who introduced me to his girlfriend (now his fiance) who he met on this website. He said I should give it a try. I never thought I would resort to meeting someone online.

About two weeks later I read a profile from someone who sounded interesting, and sent her a mingle mail. A few hours later, she responded, and I responded to her response. (her user name was "justdoit" for anyone who may remember her). A few days later, we exchanged phone numbers, and about a week later we met for the first time. Now, we are almost inseparable. It's so incredible to me that on a world-wide website I met someone so wonderful that only lives 15 minutes from me. I thought these kind of things only happened in fairy tales. In some ways, our time together is like a fairy tale, especially when we share our dreams of "happily ever after".

Dear Bev, Happy Valentine's Day. I love you.



Exactly what I was looking for.

Exactly what I was looking for.

I joined this site with a one month free membership, then upgraded to a one month paid membership. I thought that if I met someone, great! If not, I would accept that too. I had been praying for over a year for guidance in this matter.

When he viewed my profile I thought that he was very handsome and looked like a genuine, nice guy. The first time we chatted I felt that there was something special between us. It did not take long for us to realize that we needed to meet. When I saw him, I thought, "WOW, He's the one". I was immediately comfortable with him and knew my heart had found a home.

God works in mysterious ways. I am so thankful that He guided me to the one that He picked for me.



We got engaged in August

I wanted to write and let you know about our success story on your site.

I joined your site around Jan. 04 and was emailing smiles and notes and then Luke 33 began emailing me and we emailed for about a week and then we talked on the phone about a week later and we had so much in common. We continued to email and talk and 2 months later we agreed to meet in Tenn. where I was living at the time. He drove from Georgia to meet me and we had such a great time for the 5 days we spent together. We talked, laughed and walked in the park. We also attended Easter Vigil mass . I was planning to move to Florida(central) in April(latter part) where I had built a house to be closer to my parents and Luke 33 had been stationed there many years ago and really liked the area. So after I moved I went to Georgia and we worked on his home to get it ready to be sold. He began applying for new jobs in Florida and he got a response in August 04 that he interviewed for and was offered, he accepted the position. We got engaged in August 04 and plan to be married in the fall of this year (2005) in the Catholic church we attend.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet other catholics and build on this to have long lasting relationships.


Match made in Heaven

Match made in Heaven

I, like many of you, have surfed the internet dreaming of love and hoping for that ultimate connection with someone. I tried an array of different dating sites, but nothing serious every developed. In the summer of 2003, I was transferred to Tokyo, Japan (I'm a member of the United States Air Force) and thought my chances of meeting and falling in love with a nice Catholic woman just got worse. Still, in the fall of 2003 I joined Catholic Mingle out of curiousity and began to make friends. On December 7, 2003 I came across a profile that sparked my interest and decided to send her a smile. To my surprise, the next day I found a reply waiting for me in my Catholic Mingle box thanking me for my smile and a conversation ensued. At first we took it slow, becoming friends and talking every couple of weeks or so. Around March 2004 however, something changed. We started digging a little deeper and began asking thought provoking relationship questions....and it was amazing. We began e-mailing more everyday and then the phone calls began. We were surprised by how quickly our relationship progressed after that. We found that we agreed on all of the significant issues and loved everything about one another.

In June of 2004 I flew from Tokyo, Japan to Cleveland, Ohio to meet her and her family. Talk about traveling to the ends of the Earth to find someone! But guess what? It was love at first sight! (We think it was actually love before first sight!) Since then, she's traveled to Japan and from there we traveled together to see Beijing and the Great Wall of China.

This past Christmas I traveled home once again and on New Year's Eve asked her to marry me- and she said yes! Our wedding is being planned for July 2, 2005 after my return to the States. We're also planning a move to South Bend, Indiana where I am scheduled to begin teaching at the University of Notre Dame. We couldn't be happier and we are so thankful to Catholic Mingle for allowing us the opportunity to meet each other. Thank you so much and to all of those still searching.....don't give up, it can happen to you too!

God Bless,


the man of my dreams

My name was Tina and I lived in Topeka, Ks. I was a part of this website approximately one year ago.

I am writing to let you know that I dated and married a man I met through Catholic Mingles. We met a year ago and hit it off immediately! We married in June and are so happy!!! I never thought I would meet someone so wonderful and kind!

We are enjoying our life together and we appreciate each other so much. I still can't believe I met my soulmate, the man of my dreams through online dating. I thank God for Joe! I also thank Catholic Mingles for giving us the opportunity to meet and fall in love!

Thank you, Tina Allen


We got married!

Next Generation of Minglers!!!
Just wanted to update you on our latest info!!!

Well, as you know, "justbrowsn" and I got married Aug 15th 2004, and it was a day FILLED with God's wonder and presence!!!

SO present was He that He arranged it so that I ovulated on our wedding day!!! So Brennan and I are now expecting our HONEYMOON baby in early May 2005!!!! (I'm "aiming" for Mothers' Day ;-) ... And bear in mind that I am already 41 and will be 42 when the baby is born!!!! It will be my first child.

Now how many ways can you explain that????!!!!

God continues to show His awesome might and power in our lives!!!

May all who enter this site be as blessed!!

Her story:

Well, I have longed for this day! I have finally found my HUSBAND and right here on Catholic Mingle! I have waited 41 LONG years for this, but Brennan is worth EVERY MINUTE of that wait!

Bren and I first had contact here at Mingle on July 24th, 2003. He lives in Virginia, and I live in the West Indies (till August, anyway ;-). He said how much he loved my profile, but never thought that he'd make it to Trinidad, so I left it at that, and continued my search. Two months later, hurricane Isabel passed thru NC and VA, so I dropped a one liner to all who I knew in those areas and he was one. He wrote back, I replied. He asked for more pictures, so did I and WHAM! Trinidad and Virginia came 3000 miles closer!!!!!
We've NEVER looked back! We pretty much knew before we even met in person that this was it! He came to Trinidad in December for a week, and once I woke up from that dream and sobered up from the visit, I KNEW that this was it!

We decided the next week that we couldn't live without each other longer than the summer 2004. So we set a date, and officially got engaged when I visited Va in February!

I have never been happier in my life! I have been in so many unsuccessful relationships, but NEVER let go of my dream, and BOY when God is READY, He's READY!

My mom died 3 years ago, so perhaps she has some pull up there and got this one rollin. I am EVER thankful, and we both LONG to continue living our lives for God's work now as a couple!

justbrowsn & GodsChild

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