Success Stories: 2005

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We became engaged on Thanksgiving day

When I first "met" Kristin, she was dating someone. I said it would be nice to continue corresponding, but since she was dating, that was really not appropriate. About two months later, I checked my profile, and saw that she had "checked me out."

I know this is going to sound hoaky, but it is totally true. When I looked at her profile, a total sense of calm washed over me.

It was not long before we started spending long hours on the phone.

We became engaged on Thanksgiving day this year. Her surprise was that her parents were to be there.

When I gave her the ring, I said "I am the luckiest man on the face of earth".


My friends can't believe I met such a great person

Thank you!! In March of 2004, I met a wonderful guy here. We have been an "item" ever since. We see each other regularly, play a lot of cribbage and gin, travel together, church together, party together and just share so many things while still spending some time with our families. He's kind, thoughtful, caring, romantic, and has enriched my life. In the beginning he and his daughter lived in another state but they have since moved to my state, 45 minutes away. My friends can't believe I met such a great person "online", but I did..

**UPDATED Jan 2nd, 2007**
It has been 3 1/2 years since we
met. We spend a lot of time traveling, swimming and sunbathing, playing a lot
of cribbage and gin, working around the house, visiting each other and just
enjoying quality time together.

Assunta & BAD1

Thank you for the introduction.

I came to your site after my divorce and I really didn't plan to meet anyone, but I thought it would take my mind off my hurt. After a couple of weeks, I had decided that this was not the thing for me so I went in to remove my profile and I had gotten a match. When I looked at his picture and read his profile I smiled at him. We talked for a month online, then we exchanged phone numbers. We talked by phone for a month and then we met in a small town in Kentucky. We rode bikes and had a wonderful time. We have seen each other every weekend since and we are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. It is so great to share our love for God and all of the things we have in common. Thank you for the introduction.

sjco & sells

Over a year later, we are engaged.

We never would have met had it not been for the Mingle. He lived in Las Vegas and I am in Minneapolis. After talking in the chat room and through IM, we spent hours and hours on the phone. Next came the visits to Minneapolis and Las Vegas. Over a year later, we are engaged. He has moved his family to Minneapolis and we plan to be married in Oct 2006! Thanks, Catholic Mingle!



I thought I would never be one of those stories on the homepage, but I am. I met Jim on a "wink and a YES". We emailed, we im'd, we talked on the phone. All the while, there was no mistake that we were connected. He's the Catholic man I wrote about, to intertwine our lives would be heaven on earth. To help me raise my kids, minister our faith, and be faithfilled servants of the Lord. I wish this happiness for anyone and everyone on this site. THANK YOU!!


Five months later we were engaged.

I just wanted to thank you for helping my fiance and I get together. We met on Catholic Mingle in December of 2004 and hit it off. Five months later we were engaged. We're in the midst of planning our wedding in February 2007. We were blessed to have met each other and fall in love, something we thank God for on a daily basis. Thanks for everything. Good luck to everyone out there searching for the love of their life.


Getting married July 22, 2005

Hi Carrie,

You asked for our story. I will try to tell you a shortened version of it. You already have our pictures. My fiance was "Mrmarkmorg". My screen name was "Golde".

We both joined Catholic Mingle in the fall of 2003. He had just gone through a very hurtful divorce. Mark had been married for 19 years. When
we started talking, he was grieving the loss of his marriage. It had fallen apart despite all his efforts to save it. He has two sons, 15 and 16.

I got divorced in 2000. I also had a very long marriage of 21 years. It fell apart in spite of all my efforts to save it. I have two daughters, 19 and 24.

Both of us were very strong practicing Catholics. As you can see, we had a lot in common. First, we were just friends. I had been through a lot of the stuff he was going through when I was divorced. I was just his shoulder to cry on and a good listener. I was being very careful not to get involved since Mark was just divorced. I thought I might get hurt. So, Mark and I remained friends.
We liked each other so much we wanted to talk more and more. Soon, we were emailing, chatting on Catholic Mingle, and talking on the phone. He was in Texas and I was in Missouri. Eventually, Mark wanted to come up and meet me. He did. We felt just as comfortable in person as we did online or on the phone. Before long, I went to visit him in Texas. Soon, we were both buying airline tickets. It seemed we could only make it about 3 weeks, then two weeks. We were falling in love. He asked me to marry him in August of 2004. We are getting married this Friday, July 22, 2005. He moved to Missouri. His boys come and stay with us in the summers and every other school break we can get them. The boys and I have developed a great relationship and I love them. My girls really
like "Mrmarkmorg" as well. This summer we had three teenagers with us--his boys and my daughter, who was home from college. We are very happy and grateful that God let us find each other in this big world.

golde & Mrmarkmorg

Proposed to me on a trip to Paris

We met on Catholic Mingle. It was my first foray into online dating, so I put very little information into my profile. No photo even! However, because Catholic Mingle does that great thing of emailing existing members about new members, I got a few smiles the next day - 5 to be exact! One of the men appealed to me, we emailed a few times, then we met for our first date on July 14, 2003. We were dating seriously by September, and we were in love by October! :) He proposed to me in October 2004 on a trip to Paris, and we're getting married July 23, 2005. We couldn't be more thrilled, and we couldn't be more grateful to Catholic Mingle!


Love at first chat

Hi everyone,
I am so happy that now I can tell my success story to everyone. Almost 2 years ago I met my now fiance in this website, and it was love at first chat messenger!!! No, I am kidding, but really I am so thankful for the Catholic Mingle site because I found my other half here. I am so happy that I need to tell the story.

He is from Rhode Island and I am from Monterrey, Mexico. The distance didn't matter that much. We are lucky that I have my own business and I can travel to see him for a longer time. Also, he found an excellent long distance program to call Mexico, that we can talk every day as long as we need, for a decent $. This really proves that if you really want to find the right person you can find a good way to have a great relationship, it doesn't matter where are you from and/or what language you speak. We got enganged last April 4th. We are getting married next March 2006 in both countries. Because of the distance we are having two receptions...yyyeeeeessss!!!

So I recommend this site 100% with my friends. Now I have friends that are in a relationship or married to guys from Catholic Mingle. Three of my friends that started in this kind of site (we were the four cyber group, founders and co-founders, lol..), are already married. 1 Canadian, 1 American and 1 European. Two more are in a realtionship, 1 American and 1 Canadian. We all (my friends) are from Monterrey, Mexico, and more are coming in!!!

So you can see I am not the only one that has a success story!!! I invite you to get in and meet lots of friends and maybe there is your other half. So thanks again Catholic Mingle for this site that changed my life.

Many & Joe

Many & Joe

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