Success Stories: 2004

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I found my dream man!!

I found my dream man!!
I joined the mingle January 2003 mostly to make friends - I was a happy single. If some man were going to sweep me off my feet, he'd have to be PERFECT for me!

Well, although there were LOTS of very nice men that seemed interested, I met Mr. Perfect-For-Me in the chat room while talking politics! We got married July 2004, and are expecting a child for our first anniversary.

mbrrr (& cheepnis)

mbrrr & cheepnis

One year later...

I met my fiance here on Catholic Mingle. My main objective was to meet someone with the same faith and who has had a similar up bringing. We have many things in common, but mostly we love our families and our faith.

We had a first date of May 8, 2003 and we were engaged exactly one year later. We will be married in November 2004. We are very much in love and our families are very happy!

Thank you Catholic Mingle for being a wonderful online connection for my future husband and I to meet!


Greatest Gift

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for letting us meet. The site was great for finding a match and we knew so much about each other before we met in real life.

We began communicating in Aug 2002 and met in real life at the end of Sept 2002. I proposed to her in Apr 2003 and we were maried July 17, 2004. She is truly the greatest gift I have ever received.


Found my wonderful man

I have found a wonderful man through Catholic Mingle. We are getting married in October of this year. I want to thank you, as Catholic Mingle has changed my life for the better!


Love at first site

I just wanted to let you know of my success story.

I met Laurarose (her screen name) in a chat room in January this year (2004). Since then, we have chatted on many occassions, and exchanged phone numbers. That progressed to speaking with each by phone almost everyday. We've shared many personal experiences and often talk about how important our religion is to each other. Our friendship and relationship started to get more serious by the day and week.

Well, last weekend I flew to California and we met for the first time in San Diego, Ca. I must say it was love at first site for me. All I had to do was look into her beautiful eyes. We spent a wonderful weekend together going to palm Sunday at the Old Mission de San Diego Alcala, visiting with her sister and cousin, going to dinner, and a barbecue with my family that lives in San Diego. We are so compatible, but most of all we share a profound love for our Catholic faith. We are now exclusively dating one another, and my hope is to deepen our relationship even further. She is so sweet and beautiful!

Thank you Catholic Singles Mingle for giving me the opportunity to meet Laura. God does answer dreams and prayers.

SonnyG & Laurarose

She has turned my world upside down

Dear friends at Catholic Mingle,
Thanks to your program I have gone from a guy who just wants to "be friends" to one who is madly in love. Maria joind CM two months after I had joined in October. In just a short time she has turned my world upside down. I am so grateful for your catholic dating site. It has allowed me to find someone who is filled with the Spirit and loves God as much, if not more, than I do. I pray all those who sign up to your site receive the blessings I have. May God bless you all.

**UPDATED April 7th, 2004**
Thank you for a true gift from God. Her user name is arcoiris. I knew by the 3rd date we were meant for each other and on 2/13/04 I asked her to be my wife. I knew we were right for each other but could not figure why your site said we were a 0% match until I looked at my profile and saw the milage limit of 150 miles. I changed my limit to 300 mile and found out just how good your program is--all be it a little short of the 110% I think we have.

ocookieman & arcoiris

Our love just keeps growing each day

It's Valentine's Day and I found mine here at Catholic Mingle!

Bill & I are engaged to be married in June & he has moved 2300 miles across the country so we could be together and start our life together. Your site brought us together. Actually, God did! We have 8 kids between us and the kids couldn't be getting along better. Our families were meant to be together.

Our Love just keeps growing each day. Happy Valentine's Day! God Bless!


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